Kami is a wife and mother of four small children. Six years ago, her life took her on an unexpected journey. The appearance of seizures, speech language processing disorder, food allergies, autism, depression, anxiety, IBS, chronic fatigue, marital upheaval, and the arising of childhood trauma all within a small period of time sent Kami into a profound downward spiral. She was in the depths of despair.

Not knowing who to reach out to for help and being afraid of criticism, she descended into darkness, and stayed there for years. Through a beautiful support network of women in her similar situation, Kami began to realize the power she held within her and began to rise out of the darkness, little by little. Therapy, good nutrition and healing plants, mentorships, classes, retreats, conferences, and endless soul searching brought Kami to where she is today - a woman at peace who exudes love and compassion.

Kami is a natural born teacher and desires to share her knowledge with the world. She has been in a place of victimhood and utter despair. She has lived her life in a state of deep internal self-hatred and depression. Rising from that has been the hardest, but most rewarding journey she has been on and her life's mission is to radiate hope, love, and joy to others who are walking a similar path. 

Kami is now a Certified Dr. Sears Health Coach and loves to teach about her passions of Real Food + Natural Remedies + Self-love. Find her on Instagram and Facebook!

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