the beginning of this blog

as a woman, i have always felt an innate drive towards motherhood. i remember spending my days pretending to be a mother - taking care of my children, teaching them, and doing "motherly" duties. i stuffed pillows underneath my dresses in order to act like i was pregnant, and when it came time, i birthed my babies - bringing my dollies up from under my bottom to my chest, just as a mother would do when giving birth.

i have gone on quite the journey to reach where i am today concerning pregnancy and childbirth and it is a journey that has been incredibly fulfilling. it has been full of lessons, realizations, tears, laughter, frustration, but most of all joy.

i am creating this blog as an outlet for this passion i feel for childbirth that comes from deep within. i hope this blog will serve as a way for women to realize their innate capability to birth their babies. i'll be posting about a wide range of topics including birth education, nutrition in pregnancy, breastfeeding, natural childbirth, the role of doctors and midwives, etc. i hope this blog will uplift and inspire! thanks for reading!