what i wish i would have known

i found out recently that a friend of mine is pregnant with her first child. i am so excited for her! it got me thinking about the things i wish i would have known before i had my first baby...so i thought i'd brainstorm a little list just for fun. this is by no means all inclusive, but it's a start.

1. i wish i would have taken the time or known how valuable it is to select a care provider who honored my feelings about birth. i chose a doctor based on other people's recommendations and unfortunately, that practice was a very typical OB practice who had about 95% of their patients getting epidurals...which was not conducive to my desire to go naturally.

2. i wish i would have known that i had choices. any of the routine tests, etc...i had a choice. i blindly "obeyed" and did exactly as my doctor said. that is not necessarily a bad thing, but i just wish i would have been more informed and made decisions based on knowledge rather than just blind faith (i know we need to trust doctors because they do have knowledge and expertise, but i also feel it is very important to be knowledgeable as a patient - you have a right to informed consent).

3. i wish i would have known that i could have made it through labor without an epidural. i wanted to go naturally but i did not have enough confidence in myself to follow through with that desire - hence the title of this blog.

4. i wish i would have known how important it was to practice my breathing techniques!! hehe.

5. i wish i would have known the value of delayed cord clamping.

i could probably think up more "i wishes..." but the important thing is that i took what i wished i would have known/or done the first time around, and i applied those "wishes" as best i could to the second time around. i already have more "wishes" for next time. i think that is the beauty in having children...you really do learn as you go, and hopefully because of your increased knowledge, you make improvements!

what do YOU wish you would have known before giving birth to your first child?