So last night, I attended the Queen Creek Birth Circle for the first time. I've been meaning to go since my daughter was born, but each month I either forgot or had other commitments. I had such a wonderful time being in a group where we all had the same interests and thoughts about childbirth. Many of us had babies the same age and nursed them freely, some covered, some not. It was so wonderful to be in that setting and have no qualms about nursing. Sometimes, depending on the place or the people that are around, nursing can be embarrassing or it can be uncomfortable because the other people seem to feel uncomfortable. But, last night, it wasn't like that at all and I really appreciated it. It was just really refreshing. I talked to two women who are currently doulas and it reminded me how much I want to become a doula, so I am even more committed to finding a way to do that.

The reason I wanted to post though was because of some inspiration I found last night at the birth circle. The topic was Birth Stories. There was a woman there who was 1 week post emergency c-section and she told her story. It was so full of raw emotion, as her feelings are obviously so new and she is still processing the whole thing. What happened was that at 38 weeks (I think) her baby was discovered to be breech. She was going to the doctor who I originally started with before planning my  home birth with a midwife (her doctor is a great OB who is very, very supportive of birth as a natural process and not a medical event). They tried everything for two weeks to turn the baby: acupuncture, swimming, crazy positions, etc. The mother even drove 56 miles one way to see a chiropractor who was especially good at turning babies. At her last appointment, the baby had not moved an inch. He didn't budge! It was so heartbreaking for this mother. They decided to do an external version in the hospital, realizing that it could very well turn into a c-section if the baby did not respond well. She said the version was the most painful thing she's ever been through and would never do it again. During the procedure, the baby's heart rate dropped to 60 and was very unstable. The doctor said "You are having a baby today!" and preparations were made for the c-section. It was an emergency and she said several doctors and nurses were coming in, because they couldn't find a heartbeat and when they did find it, it was very low and unstable. When the baby was born, the umbilical cord was only 6 inches long. The baby was a slow starter, but is healthy and doing well now. 

It is such an amazing thing to realize that this baby knew exactly how he needed to be born. There would have been great difficulties if this baby would have been born vaginally and who knows what the outcome would have been. It is a testament to me of trusting our bodies and being open to what may happen. We may have plans for our birth, and those plans are very important, but ultimately we also have to know that everything that happens in this life has a purpose and there's reason for it. This mother, although extremely sad and still traumatized from the birth, realizes what a tremendous blessing it was for her baby to be breech. It is a reminder to me that no matter what my birth plans may be for future babies, that I need to listen to my inner spirit and trust in the process of giving birth, even when that process is not what I have in mind. I left feeling very inspired and grateful for the lesson I learned!