I have to apologize for my lack of posts lately on this blog (if anyone's even reading!) but between a husband, two kids, a house, and life in general, i haven't found the time to share my thoughts about birth.

I've had lots of thoughts and ideas running through my head lately about birth but since I happen to be short on time, I'll share only one of those thoughts.

Each month, I attend a birth circle in Queen Creek, Arizona. It is a place where like-minded women meet to discuss pregnancy and birth. It is an awesome group! For one thing, it is nice to have conversations about birth where you can literally finish the other person's sentence. There is such a tangible feeling their of true concern and love for each is just wonderful.

So, at our last meeting, two nurses came from a local hospital because they were feeling very frustrated with what they see every day at Labor and Delivery and were looking to find support for their ideas and feelings (they are the "black sheep" where they work because *gasp* they support natural birth!!!). It was quite shocking to hear what they had to say about the things they're seeing at work. Obviously no personal information was shared, so as to not break any laws, but they explained to us the kinds of things they're seeing; the kinds of things I've been reading and hearing about! It was sad to me to realize that all of the issues we're facing in birth right now aren't simply things I've read about on the internet...they are actually happening right in my back yard. That particular day at work, those ladies had 16 births. How many of those births do you think were cesarean sections? Seven. Seven out of sixteen births! Born by c-section. We asked what the reasons for the c-sections were and the majority would be considered unnecessary, meaning they were failure to progress/failed induction, etc. Hearing this made me so sad. That is almost a 50% c-section rate for that day. Astounding! That particular hospital's rate is between 33-34% overall...much, much too high. Unfortunately, extremely common.

What I came away with, however, was not overwhelming sadness and disgust for the way birth is at this point in time...I came away with a renewed desire to continue educating and inspiring women so that they do not have to go through traumatic births (vaginal or surgical). I want to help women see that birth can be something that doesn't have to be feared. I want to help women have the type of birth they want and know how to achieve that in any setting whether that is a hospital, a birth center, or at home. I want to make a difference...even if it is one woman at a time. Right now, my scope of influence is very small, but I hope someday to have more opportunities to educate and inspire by becoming a doula and a childbirth educator. I've pondered those things a lot lately and have come to realize that as badly as I want to do those things right now, it is not the right time. That makes me sad, but I also know that my most important job is to take care of my family first. I know someday I'll be able to work with women and help them achieve the births they desire. Until then, this blog will continue to be a wonderful outlet for me and my small way of making a difference.

More posts to come (soon, hopefully)!

What things have you been thinking about lately, in regards to pregnancy or birth?