Grocery shopping: My version

My grocery trips are always different depending on what's in season and what's on sale, but here is a general idea of the items we buy. I have a bad habit of putting off grocery shopping until my cupboards are bare, so often times, I'm stocking up on each trip, instead of making lots of little trips. I try to go to the store only once a week at most. I usually go about every week and a half to two weeks, depending on how long my fresh produce lasts. Once I'm out of produce, I have to go to the store because that's the bulk of our diet. I'll list prices off the top of my head but obviously these prices are in the Phoenix, Arizona area so if you live somewhere else, the same items may be more or less expensive.

I'll list the "staples" I buy at each store. I mainly shop at three places: Sprout's, Trader Joe's, and Costco. Occasionally, I'll go to Whole Foods to get better prices on raw honey (only every few months). Since there is a Fresh and Easy by my house, it makes a quick stop if I'm out of something occasionally.

Sprout's Farmers Market
Coconut oil ($15-20 depending on sales)
Coconut water ($4 for 5 is the best sale)
Chopped dates ($2.50)
Organic Whole Milk ($5.99 - sometimes on sale for $3.99)
Bulk items - oats (69 cents/lb lowest price I've seen), chia seeds
GF flours and oats
Heavenly Sugar ($2.69 on sale)

Trader Joe's
Kerrygold Butter ($2.69/half pound - best price...this is grassfed butter, which is much higher in nutrients)
Grade B Maple Syrup ($13.99/25 ounces)
Peanuts - nothing added - other stores have undesirable oils, too much salt, and MSG
Cashews ($5.99/pound - lowest I've found)
Banana chips - nothing undesirable added
Gluten and corn free crackers
Gluten free pancake mix for food storage ($3-ish)
Organic Whole milk yogurt when I need a new culture for my homemade yogurt
Organic cream - pasteurized (it is difficult to find cream that is not ultra-pasteurized)
Brown rice pasta ($1.99/pound)
Grass-fed Cheese
Organic free-range whole chicken - don't eat a lot of meat, last time I bought this was in November and it's still in my freezer...($2.49/pound)
Toothpaste - both fluoridated and non-fluoridated options with no scary ingredients ($1.99/tube)
Hand soap - no scary ingredients ($1.99)

Organic spinach and mixed greens ($3.49 for a big tub)
Organic baby carrots (5 pounds for $4.99)
Bulk frozen fruit
GF crackers
Classico tomato sauce (not Organic but is in glass jars at least)
Toilet paper/paper towels (I should really start buying recycled stuff!)
Organic eggs (would like to find a local source but this is the best I can do right now)
Ground flax seed

Whole Foods
Local raw honey (best price I've found)
Great bulk section - spelt, beans, buckwheat, coconut sugar
Lots of Organic produce (but pricey)
Organic canned coconut milk

Fresh and Easy
Organic cream - pasteurized not ultra-pasteurized
50% off produce deals - hit or miss
New find: Grade B Maple Syrup (price is slightly better than Trader Joe's!)

Okay people! I've racked my brain and this is about what I buy from month to month. Obviously each month is different. It's kind of crazy listing out all of the things I buy...I am feeling no judging :) I'm not perfect, I don't buy all Organic, but I do buy mostly unprocessed things. I think the thing to remember is that if you are doing your best, then that is what is important. It's all about baby steps and doing things within your own limits.

**Go see The Enlightened Homemaker's blog. She's posted some great things about grocery shopping and deals lately.