Basics of Essential Oils Class notes

We had a great class last night covering the basics of essential oils. I absolutely love using them and love to teach, so this was a really fun experience for me. I was nervous all day but once I started teaching, the nerves wore off :) I'm posting the notes for the many people who have asked to have them!

We talked about essential oils, what they are, the importance of buying certified pure, therapeutic grade oils, and how to use them. We also talked about taking control of our health. It is so nice to have the peace of mind that if we come down with a bug or illness, 95% of the time, we can use essential oils to combat it. It is nice to have something natural to turn to first, and then if more intervention is necessary, we are thankful for the expertise of doctors. The oils I recommend for starting out are Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint since they are so general and can cover so many different ailments. I also recommend a protecting/immune boosting blend like On Guard that you can use to fight off bugs and illnesses or to simply boost your immune system. For more information, contact me or visit to see the different oils that are available.

If you have any questions or want to begin using essential oils, please contact me by leaving a comment, emailing (found in the document), or calling me. I'm going to be ordering oils in the next day or two, so if you'd like me to include your order in that, just let me know. If you are local, we can all split shipping costs. If you're out of the state of Arizona, the oils can ship directly to you! Thanks again to those who came!

Essential Oil Basics

Practical Uses