We rarely drink juice anymore at our house because it is so high in sugar (even if it's natural sugar - cutting this out has been one of the best ways for me, personally, to lose weight and keep it off - I'll tell you more about that journey soon) but a few weeks ago, I needed to have some in order to get my kids to take an herbal tincture. Along with it, I bought some sparkling water as a fun way to add a little bubbling action to the juice (I was trying to recreate the grape juice mixed with sprite beverage from my childhood...not quite the same - obviously lacking the high fructose corn syrup...but yummy nonetheless!). This tasted great and stretched the juice further, as well as watering it down so it had less sugar. It definitely felt like a treat and I was proud of myself for coming up with something fun to mix up the regular juice. My almost three year old thought it was pretty neat (because juice is the equivalent of candy for him!).