Guest Post: Enjoying the Fruits

Kara, from Taste Is Trump, has been one of my food mentors and inspirations as I've stepped into the journey of whole foods. Her blog is full of delicious whole food recipes and she is committed to living healthier one meal at a time. It's a pleasure to have her posting here tonight. She teaches wonderful classes in her home in East Mesa. If you're local, see a list of her current classes here and here.

This summer I canned 2-3 days a week for 3 months straight.  It was incredibly exhausting, sweaty and messy.  But the feeling of accomplishment pushed me through.  I was highly motivated by the loveliest organic foods that were available to me.  It is hard to find reasonable priced organic foods preserved in BPA free packaging. Now I am sitting pretty this winter as my stores evaporate into delicious and easy to prepare meals.

The canned pinto beans were the first to disappear.  Even though I always have dry beans in the house, soaking overnight (for optimum nutrition and digestion) and cooking the next day was not always in my thought process.  Quesadillas and nachos became quick and easy.  Since beans are the easiest thing to can, I will be sure to do twice as many next time.

I did a lot of vegetables that have been so convenient for snacks, and stews.  They helped me out a few times when I was out of fresh and potato bread took less work.

The most luxurious of all the canned items are the ready to go recipes.  Imagine you are having people over for dinner and you want a somewhat healthy dessert, but donโ€™t have time to slave.  How easy to grab the puff pastry from the freezer and pop open a jar of home canned apple pie filling, made with organic apples, sucanat and arrowroot powder for amazing apple turnovers?  I have got to admit, I hoard those apples!

Another luxury is my yummy canned green chili sauce.  Super yum!  Not only for enchiladas, but excellent cooked with a pot of rice or beans for the perfect seasoning.  All that effort made months ago, more than makes up for the time and money saving convenience that I appreciate now. 

The home canning process is quite easy.  Like anything else, confidence is achieved by doing.  Come this Thursday night at 7:30 for a hands on experience in my home where you can gain the confidence you need to enjoy the fruits of your labors.  Contact me at to register.  Check out my other classes coming up.