How are my no-sugar girls doing?

So, we're more than 2 weeks are you all doing? Sorry, I have meant to check in earlier! I am doing okay. I still find myself really craving sugar which is not a good sign! I have been allowing myself a little honey or maple syrup but due to some pretty annoying digestive issues, I am going to be doing a Candida cleanse (more on that in another post) soon and I will have to cut out all sugars even fruit! So pretty soon I'll be super cold turkey on the sugars. Since we said we could cheat on Valentine's Day, I thought I'd make these cupcakes...too bad I completely forgot to get them started (I don't know where my mind is these days)! So instead I'm doing them today...I am sure they're going to be delish. I won't feel too bad though because I'm not using any refined sugars in the process. My friend has already lost 5 pounds and is feeling fantastic without sugar. How are you all doing?