Menu Planning

Happy Weekend!


We're just laying around, trying to recover from a small cold. Luckily it hasn't hit me 100% but my little ones have been feeling a little worse. I've been boosting our immune systems with essential oils. We're on day three and it's definitely looking up. We're completely out of food so I've got to go grocery shopping today. We've been surviving on granola and almond milk, seriously. 

I am a terrible menu planner...absolutely terrible! I usually just wing it at the grocery store and most times, I'm fine, but I know if I plan out my meals, I can cut down my budget. So, today I'm menu planning. I'm going to try to shop once a week, so I'll plan out a week's worth of meals. I thought I'd share them with you. If you're like me, you're stuck in a meal rut. Feel free to share what meals you're making this week in the comments...I'd love some fresh ideas!

Sunday: Bolognese pasta 
Monday: Dinner at friend's house
Tuesday: Tomato/Basil Panini sandwiches and Italian bean soup
Wednesday: Main dish salad and Rainbow fries
Friday: Arugula pizza
Saturday: Leftovers