My First Doula Experience

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I had the wonderful opportunity yesterday to attend my friend Lani's home birth of her fourth baby. It was such a beautiful experience that I felt so privileged to be a part of. I have had a great love for childbirth since the birth of my first baby in 2008 and it only grew after experiencing my home birth in 2009. I have wanted to become a doula for quite some time, but because of the season of life I am currently in, have felt that it is not quite the right time. I was elated, however, to be asked to attend my friend's birth! I had a few worries about how to leave my nursing baby but all of those worries were for all worked out perfectly and her birth was so quick that I was only gone for about 4 hours!

Lani's birth was actually extremely similar to my daugher's, so that made it even more special to attend...I felt like I was reliving that birth 14 months ago. Lani had contractions on and off for quite awhile but once things picked up, they really went quickly. I was able to make it just about 24 minutes before the baby was born! What a peaceful, beautiful experience. I was reminded what a beautiful and divinely created process birth is and felt honored to witness it. It was so special to see her husband at her side, comforting her and supporting her. I also witnessed the inexplicable bond between a mother and her baby when Lani brought her baby up to her breast. Prior to that, the baby had taken her first breaths and began crying, but the moment she was placed on her mother's chest, she became silent and completely comforted. That was perhaps one of the most beautiful moments of that birth!

Speaking of birth, my dear friend Janica just posted her birth was beautiful and I am so happy for her that she had the birth she desired and prepared for!