Natural Living Spotlight: Stephanie's transformation

Okay, I am SO excited about this post today.


has recently began to use essential oils in her family and has a pretty neat story that I think a lot of people can relate to. I love seeing the transformation that happened as she tried the oils and discovered for herself that they are powerful and healing. Thank you for sharing this with us!


I have to admit that I have been VERY hesitant to associate myself with anything holistic until now.  In the past I've been a pessimist for anything that wasn't recognized by the majority of mainstream doctors.  It was only to support a friend, who was throwing a


meeting at her home, that I decided to attend.  I even remember making a few comments before I left about how dumb it was going to be to my husband, and how I would just make an appearance and be home soon.  I walked in a little late, and there was a group of a dozen women sitting around a table sniffing little bottles..."Yep, a bunch of crazy people" I thought.  So, of course I did what any friend would do, I sat down and started smelling.  The smells were amazingly good.  I really was expecting everything to be more like incense.  The women speaking told us about all the health benefits and a few testimonials while I passed around more bottles to smell.  I thought it was very interesting, but still wasn't convinced that this would be something I could ever get into.  Several other women spoke up about friends or family members of theirs who also had amazing experiences and seen astonishing results with DoTerra oils.  About an hour later I realized I was still sitting at the table listening and smelling and ENJOYING it!  I didn't say much during the meeting though, because even though I enjoyed hearing all the stories I still couldn't see it working for me.  As the party ended and I was about to leave, the instructor practically forced some oils on me, saying that I couldn't leave without at least trying something.  She rubbed some PastTense and Serenity on the back of my neck...nothing happened.  I left.  Moments later I began to feel a tingling on my neck and then it became a deep penetration that I could feel releasing all of my upper back tension (which I have a LOT of!).  How simple oils could penetrate into my skin and cause so much relief was really baffling, but I WAS SOLD!  I was so relaxed and at ease when I got home.  I couldn't stop talking about it to my hubby.  The next day I ordered some PastTense and Serenity (I'll share more details about these oils at the end).  A few of the testimonials about Serenity from the night before were involving calming children, so that was my main curiosity up for trial.  I think if you were to describe my two toddler boys the only word to follow "calm" would be "NOT".  They are very active and pretty much always on the move.  Going to church on Sunday has always been an adventure.  Those who sit around us (within 5 pews ahead or behind) are familiar with our boys.  They've been visited from under the pew, objects have been thrown on their head, they've heard them loudly begging for more bread or water...I think you get the point.  The perfect test for Serenity would be church.  The first Sunday on trial I put two drops of Serenity on my palm and then added a little bit of coconut lotion to it and rubbed it on the bottoms of each of my boys feet right before I put on their socks and shoes. I also applied it to the backs of their necks.  I couldn't believe how well it worked.  They were still my boys in every way with funny comments and explorations, but they never once crawled under the seats.  They sat most of the time and played quietly.  My hubby (Brett) thought it was a fluke.  Week two ended the same way.  After about a month of using it on the boys every Sunday it was clear that we would never go without Serenity again!  There have been a couple of weeks when in a hurry to get out the door, I didn't have time to put on their oils.  The first time this happened Brett asked me if they didn't get their Serenity on.  There is a big difference!  It works!  Now it's a Sunday ritual that my boys look forward to.  They always sit down and ask for "special Sunday foot lotion".

Now, on to PastTense.  Sometimes I use it at night when it's been a tough day.  It's completely relaxing. I rub it on the back of my neck and sometimes down my spine.  Even though Brett knows we can't live without Serenity, he's still a skeptic about the whole thing, yet whenever he gets head tension the first thing he asks for is PastTense.  He rubs it on his neck, forehead, and temples.  It always seems to make him feel better.

The last oil that I have to give props to is called Breathe.  I bought this out of curiosity because of all the miracle stories I heard.  After I got it, it just sat in my cupboard unused for a few months.  Then I came down with a little cold, that turned into a bad cold, that turned into a "My sinuses are throbbing whenever I lean over. I can't breath out of my nostrils.  I can't function!" kind of cold.  I was sure that I had a sinus infection.  At this point we were really busy with life and Brett was traveling frequently for work.  I didn't know when I could possible get in to see a doctor.  Then I remembered the Breathe in my cupboard.  I really wasn't expecting it to do anything, but I figured I had nothing to lose.  That night I rubbed two drops on the back of my neck and on my chest.  I put another drop on my forehead and nose.  I rubbed three drops on the soles of my feet and then put socks on and crawled into bed.  The next morning there was a small passage of air coming through my nostrils.  I continued to use Breathe fairly heavily and within two days I was completely back to normal!  I will never forget Breathe again.

I NEVER would have thought to be classified as someone that "believed" in oils. In fact, it's still a little strange for me to talk about them with other people, but IT WORKS!  If something works, why not try it, even though it may not be out of a bottle at Wal-Mart?  I'm a believer not because of the facts that I was given or the stories I heard, but because

I tried them and they delivered. 

My favorite oils:



An oil combo of wintergreen, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, cilantro, marjoram, roman chamomile, basil, and rosemary. It has a roll-on applicator so it's very easy to apply.

Used for head and neck tension, provides calming comfort.



An oil combo of Lavender, sweet marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and vanilla bean. Used for stress relief, relaxation, and calming.


: An oil combo of laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, and ravensara. Used to help cleanse and soothe the airways, and also diffuse at night for a more restful sleep. 

What I'm going to try next:

Deep Blue

 is a soothing blend intended for muscle aches and discomfort. It's similar to PastTense but is a little more penetrating and intense.


 actually eliminates harmful pathogens in the air when diffused. It can also be used as a cleaning agent. It is powerful and is fantastic to take at the first sign of a environmental threats and unwanted pathogens.


 helps with disconnectedness and anxious feelings. I've heard it's great for children with difficulty focusing and with calming nerves before major events.

See, didn't I say that was a cool story? Thanks so much for sharing that Stephanie. I personally love all of the oils she's listed and use them almost daily on my family. Balance has been especially helpful for me in dealing with emotional issues. If you'd like to try some oils, let me know! Or you can go


to place an order. Be sure to check out my sidebar - if you are in Idaho, Utah, or Arizona, I am teaching classes on Essential Oils throughout March...I'd love to have you attend!