Alternative Food Storage Ideas

Here are some ideas for food storage that I've come up with. I do not have any powdered eggs and prefer not to buy them because they're expensive and I just haven't really looked into their nutrition all that much. I also have a limited amount of powdered milk (a gift from my parents) and will probably not store a whole lot of it since the nutrition is questionable and we do not do a whole lot of dairy around here anyways. I've come up with some substitutions based on our food storage needs...hope these help someone out! They're not all that original but here you go.

Egg substitute:

Ground flax seeds. I can get a large bag of cold-milled organic flax seed meal at Costco for about $9-10. It lasts 22 months without refrigeration and we easily use it before that since I use it in smoothies, pancakes, etc. It is a fabulous egg replacer. Need an egg in a recipe but you're out? Take 1 tablespoon flax seed meal and 3 tablespoons water - mix and use as an egg. This is fantastic for those suffering from allergies to eggs! It's also great for food storage because it has wonderful nutrition (Omega-3's) and is very versatile (it can be used as part of a flour ratio, egg substitute, addition to smoothies/oatmeal, etc).

Milk substitute:

Any seed. Think oats, brown rice, hemp, almonds, etc. You can find great recipes online for how to make your own oat, rice, hemp, or almond milk. I have oats, rice, and almonds on hand. All you need is a blender and water (dates and vanilla make a nice flavor). You can use this milk substitute in place of cow's milk in a recipe. This is great for those with allergies or for any of you who have ever ran out of milk!