doTERRA Special Giveaway

Happy Spring everyone!

In celebration of that, I wanted to give you a little gift. If you enroll with a kit of oils that is 100PV or higher, I will send you a free spiral bound copy of Modern Essentials. Modern Essentials is a fabulous guide to using essential oils - it contains everything from the how-to's of applying the oils, to scientific research, to reflexology charts, to an A-Z list of ailments and oils to is amazing. This offer is good until Friday, April 1st. Visit my site here and click "join" to take advantage of this deal - or feel free to contact me if you have any questions! 

Click here, here, and here to take a look at some of the kits that are available.

*Special Bonus - if your kit is higher than 250PV, I'll also throw in a free 5 ml surprise bottle of essential oil!