Natural Healing Spotlight: Oregano

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History and Information

Oregano is native to Europe and America. It has dark-green leaves and purple buds that blossom into white, pink, or lilac colored flowers. The entire plant is aromatic. The Greeks used Oregano to heal wounds and placed the leaves on sore and aching muscles to relieve discomfort. Dioscorides, the Greek physician, used Oregano for poisonous animal bites. Pliny, the Roman herbalist, recommended Oregano to improve digestion and for poisonous spider bites. During the Middle Ages, Oregano was used by herbalists to aid digestion, improve eyesight, and like those in the past, for poisonous spider bites. Modern herbalists use Oregano for digestion, head tension, coughs, to promote menstruation, and to prevent seasickness. This essential oil is one of the most germ-destroying of all the oils. There are numerous studies showing that Oregano is highly effective in killing very resistant strains of bacteria. Oregano is one of nature's most powerful antibiotics.

Practical Uses

Heating; improves circulation, promotes perspiration

Improves digestion

Purifying; helps in the reduction of cellulite, waste material, and excessive fluids from the body

Vapors open the sinus and breathing passages

Mood uplifting; improves mental clarity and alertness

Loosens tight muscles, relieves muscle aches and pains

Increases physical endurance and energy


Repels insects

Here is a quick list of ailments Oregano can be effective with: Post Traumatic Stress, Skin Tags, Overgrowth of Unwanted Pathogens/Germs, Throat Irritation, Brittle or Thickened Nails, Ongoing Sinus Issues, Warts, Immune System Boosting, etc. You can also cook with Oregano essential oil! Simply add a drop or two after the meal has begun to cool.


Oregano oil is heating. Always use this oil with a carrier oil as it may burn or cause irritation. If a pregnant woman has not used essential oils previously, be cautious with Oregano because it can promote menstruation. 

Anecdotal Stories

This story was shared by a woman in one of my recent classes. She said she was having serious back aches and her mom gave her some Oregano essential oil to use. She rubbed it on her back and was amazed at how much better it felt. No has pain relieving properties! It is a wonderful, powerful oil.

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