Chicken Avocado Sandwich - Gluten and Grain free

A recipe! Yes, I have actually been cooking more lately...thanks to GAPS. I actually have quite a few recipes to post...stay with me. This was a last-minute creation as I was starving and needed food RIGHT away. There was nothing to eat, without having to actually prepare an entire meal, so I came up with this. It was surprisingly delicious! The hint of cinnamon in the waffles provided a lovely flavor along with the chicken and avocado.


Chicken Avocado Sandwich
Gluten and Grain free

2 buttered waffle pieces
A few spinach leaves
Small portion of chicken 
(very easy if it has already been cooked and is in the refrigerator - I like to roast an entire chicken and de-bone cuts meal preparation time in half! Be sure to use the bones to make stock.)
Slice of an avocado

Layer ingredients on top of waffle and enjoy!

Hooray! My new camera lens came today and I breathed a sigh of works. No broken camera! And no more really grainy food pics. Yay!