Grain Free Isn't Too Bad!

Just a little update on our GAPS journey. So far, not too bad. Of course, we are not doing the Intro diet at this point, so the only thing we're really missing is grains. But, a few of the recipes have been so yummy that we haven't missed grains at all. In fact, this has all been really simple! We have mostly been eating a salad, soup, and smoothie for dinner. We've even had taco salad (minus the corn chips which Max never has anyway) with white bean refried beans and it was SO yummy. For breakfast, we've had eggs and bacon or chia pudding or I even made waffles this morning. For snacks and lunch we've been doing leftovers and whatever we can scrounge up that's allowed. I just made these muffins for dinner and they are absolutely, positively delicious! I told my husband as we were eating them, "Grain free isn't too bad!" They are that yummy. We haven't completely perfected the diet yet - for example, if you're skipping the intro, you're supposed to stay off all dairy (even cultured) for 4 weeks. I just read that yesterday and already have a bunch of cultured dairy in the refrigerator, so we'll start our no dairy for four weeks as soon as it's gone. I'm definitely experiencing some die off symptoms...for one, I stink really badly! I remember that happening when I switched over to natural care products. Overall, we are all doing well and so far our outlook on the diet is good :)

PS, I should add: My 15 month old's eczema is already almost cleared up after only a few days of being off grains and most dairy. She has also had a bowel movement every day (hooray!) after only having one every few days for the past couple of months. My son's behavior already seems improved too!