Grain-free Roundup

As I'm preparing to go on the GAPS diet I have been trying to round up some recipes that look yummy to us. We'll be going on the full diet and not the Intro because I am nursing and pregnant (a lot of detoxification occurs during the Intro diet, so it is not recommended for women who are nursing or pregnant). I want my son to do the Intro diet eventually because of his gut problems and allergies, but I need to have a handle first on the whole thing, so I think starting out with the Full diet will be the best for us right now. This is a really good explanation of what the GAPS diet is and why someone might do it. Quite frankly, I am very excited! After my fail at gluten-free cinnamon rolls the other night, I was like "bring on no grains!!" Cooking without gluten has been hard and it will be nice not to be worrying about the baking for awhile. Sure, we will miss our bread, but we have been prepared for this diet well since going off gluten a year ago. If we were going from a standard gluten-containing-lots-of-grain-eating diet, I think it'd be really hard. But, since we eat less grains now than we did a year ago, the change will be easier. 

So why are we doing the GAPS diet? Many reasons. I have been reading about it for several months now and kept thinking "that's way too hard." In August, I seriously contemplated going on it when my little boy was constantly covered in hives (soon after that we removed corn from his diet which completely took his hives away). I got overwhelmed and decided again that the diet was too hard, so I didn't try. He still struggles with food, however, and from what I've learned, you can't simply take away the allergens - you have to heal the gut. That is what this diet is designed to do. My son's speech is also delayed and has some other possible behavior issues - I have heard wonderful things about this diet helping with those types of things so I feel very hopeful that it will help him in many ways. I've struggled with digestive issues since the beginning of our marriage and the issues have come and gone. I have had some really bad flare ups recently (on top of the usual bloating and gas) that have really made me sick. There have been days when I could hardly take care of anyone in the house because I was going to the bathroom constantly. I removed dairy and it helped but the issues were still there. I tried removing oats and that helped, but then I'd eat oats and wouldn't notice a reaction. Basically, I can't pin down what it is. After a childhood of antibiotic use and birth control pills in my early marriage, I know my gut needs healing. Add to that years of struggling with depression and I am just ready to feel better. I felt a lot better after moving to a whole foods diet, but I am not there completely and hope to be someday. I know that healing is something that takes time, but I am really excited for this diet because I think I will notice quickly whether or not I will feel better without grains (for example, when I eat lots of grains my joints ache...and have my whole life). I am just excited to feel better! I have felt really poorly since about October, so I am to the point where right now I'll try anything to feel better (it doesn't help that I'm sicker than I've ever been with this pregnancy). I'm also excited to see if this will help my 15 month old with her eczema and constipation. My hubby, the lucky guy that he is, doesn't struggle with much of anything and says he feels great! He will be doing the diet with us mostly, definitely not strictly (in public he will not worry about it, whereas we will adhere to the diet since we're the ones with the big issues!). I am excited to see whether he notices any changes in himself (some say that they didn't realize they felt poorly until they went on this diet and felt so much better). 

I don't know how many people are interested in this grain-free journey but for journaling purposes, I'm going to keep track of how we're doing on this blog. I don't have every detail of the diet down yet, but I am eager to get started because I want to feel better and need to feel better. I'm taking a class that will teach me some key skills for the diet and I'm really excited about it. I'm trying to let my perfectionist ways go and realize that I can do it, little by little.

So here are some recipes I've gathered that look good to me. I'm going to put on here for easy reference for when I do my meal planning (a MUST with this diet...and something that will be new for me because I am not a good meal planner!). I will keep updating this list as I find more meal ideas. I'll also come back and make a note about if we liked the recipe or not.

Breakfast/Bread Recipes:
Grain free waffles 2 - Really yummy for a grain free waffle. Definitely double the recipe...when I double it, I get only four waffles :(
Coconut muffins - Super yummy! Very moist. Almost too sweet. Omitted baking powder (not GAPS legal) and instead beat the egg whites separately...plenty of rise!
Blueberry Grain free muffins - these were DIVINE!
Oat free granola (scroll down for recipe)
Chia pudding - Tasty! Definitely making again.

Main Dish Recipes:
Taco Salad and Refried beans (made with white beans)
Big Salad with veggies, meat, homemade dressing

Snack/Treat Recipes:
Popsickles (scroll down for recipe)
White bean hummus (scroll down for recipe)
Almond Rocca - Really yummy and very easy. Slightly overcooked the butter :( but tasty nonetheless. My 3 year old loved the fact that he got to eat "candy."
Vanilla Coconut Milk icecream - Some of the best homemade icecream I've had! The chocolate version is delicious too.

Almond milk - It's my recipe but really, super yummy. Better than store bought for sure. 
Coconut milk - Effort involved but so worth it. You get coconut water, milk, and shredded coconut! What a wonderful use of a fruit (is it a fruit? nut?). My hubby even said he'd crack open coconuts every week for me if I wanted because he loved the results so much.