Grain Free?

Okay, so we have been "grain free" for almost two weeks...err...I should back track...we were grain free for almost two weeks. But we couldn't keep it up. I was excited about the changes I saw - nothing hugely dramatic but both little one's bowels seemed better and we had some eczema start to clear up, but the biggest reason we had to give up was because it was expensive!! When you are buying good quality meats, eggs, and lots of fresh produce, it gets pricey and we just can't afford it right now. We went through three packs of 18 eggs in one week (baking with a lot of coconut flour requires a lot of eggs). Those were the organic "free range" (I know that doesn't really mean much) from Costco and are over $4 each. So, I think we are going to have to compromise. Although I really want to do this diet to help heal our bodies, I also know we can have great health through eating whole foods like we usually do. I think we will go back to the basics, which have been slacked on because I haven't been feeling well with this pregnancy. So here are my new nutrition goals, which I know will help us out:

1. At least one probiotic food every day
2. Green smoothies at least 4 out of 7 days a week (still having a hard time choking them down)
3. Grains eaten when properly prepared through soaking/sprouting (and still gluten/corn free)

I have to admit, here are my guilty feelings coming out - just so you all know I'm not anywhere near perfect...I have indulged WAY too much in the past few days on sweets. I think grain free made me backlash in a bad way because I wanted junk really badly when we decided not to go through with the GAPS diet. I have eaten one too many Newman's Own Organic oreos - like, ahem...a whole big package - along with vanilla icecream :) But boy, are they good (and so much better than buying cookies & cream icecream at the store...I couldn't bring myself to do it after I looked at the ingredients...sometimes knowledge is annoying huh!). Don't worry, I'm swearing off sugar again for a little bit because I could tell how much it affected me. It was still really delicious though and I used the "I'm pregnant" excuse (which is totally not a good excuse at all but seriously, what is it about pregnancy cravings?!?). 

So there you go, I'm keeping it real!