Natural Healing Spotlight: Lemon

History and Information

The Greeks used lemon to perfume clothing. The demand for lemon fruit increased enormously in the 1800s after physicians discovered that the high content of vitamin C and other valuable nutrients could help prevent and alleviate the illness of scurvy. Many health conscious people start the day off by having a freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of warm water with honey. This daily drink is said to help cleanse the blood vessels, intestinal tract, liver, and other organs, and provide an important amount of vitamin C for the body.

Practical Uses


Purifying; breaks down cellulite, cleanses the tissues

Calming, relaxing, reduces stress; promotes a restful sleep

Mood uplifting; refreshing, reviving, improves mental clarity, alertness, and memory; sharpens the senses


Soothes insect bites

*Combine with lemon, lavender, and peppermint to effectively treat seasonal and environmental threats

*Put a drop of lemon oil on a spoonful of raw honey to soothe throat discomfort

*Drink lemon oil in your water daily to cleanse the body of toxins (including petrochemicals)

Anecdotal Stories

Lemon has been studied and found to reduce feelings of self-doubt. I have noticed that as I have added lemon essential oil to my water daily, that my moods have been better and more stable. I also received an email from a girl who came to my class who informed me that by drinking lemon oil in her water each day, she has been able to have regular bowel movements, which she does not usually have because of IBS. It is an amazing oil that can help so many things! It is also one of my favorite oils to clean with because it is very effective and doesn't cost very much.

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