Where's the food?

I've been slacking on food...to say the very least. I have my reasons, though...

I'll be having another one of these:


Boy or Girl? We don't know...and aren't going to find out. Since we've already got one of each, we're going to make this pregnancy extra exciting and wait until the birth to find out who will be joining our family.

I'm 12 weeks along and due in October and feeling...BLECH. Not so great. Food isn't appealing to me right now at all (which has never happened to me before in pregnancy) so I have hardly been cooking. We've literally been scraping by, trying to eat as much real food as possible even though I'm lacking all motivation to cook! I'm hoping I'll start to enjoy food again soon because after all, I do love it! I have some things to share and promise I'll get around to it soon (for example, we are going to be starting the GAPS diet soon...overwhelming and exciting all at the same time).

Expect more birth related posts since it's obviously currently on my mind...but I will try to keep a good balance between all of the natural living areas that I am passionate about.

For now, I am going to go into my kitchen, in which I'm ironically cooking two whole chickens and some gluten free cinnamon rolls (a possible failure) and get back to work...

Oh yeah, and my house is 82 degrees. I'm not excited that the heat is already back.

Thanks for reading :)

(Cinnamon roll update: Yep...they were indeed a failure...taste is good, texture is completely wrong. It tastes like coffee cake. Gotta love gluten free baking! Probably wasn't the recipe...it was that I had to sub flours I didn't have on hand...Oh well! Makes me looking forward to going grain-free even more.)