Camping: Real Food Style

Planning a camping trip is always full of excitement and effort. Meal planning is a must and I am finding that it is very fun putting together a "Real Food" meal plan for camping. I am planning to make a few things ahead of time that require special ingredients/equipment (like Gluten free muffins) and then freeze them. It will save me a lot of heartache in the mountains and will make for quick and easy eating. I'm so excited for our little upcoming trip because food always tastes better in the mountains, right? I thought I'd share my meal ideas since camping season is coming up!

Day 1

            Dinner: Tinfoil dinners (make ahead of time)
            Ingredients needed: Potatoes, onions, pinto beans, chicken, carrots, BBQ/Ketchup
Dessert: Fruit Pizza (make ahead of time)
*It's hubby's birthday!

Day 2

            Breakfast: Dutch oven casserole, Fruit
            Ingredients needed: Potatoes, eggs, cheese (shred ahead of time), bacon (precook)

            Lunch: Sandwiches, Hummus and Carrots/Crackers, Salad
            Ingredients needed: Bread, Mustard, Pickles, Turkey, Lettuce, Cheese

            Dinner: Mexican Haystacks
Ingredients needed: Rice, black beans, grass-fed ground beef (precook), lettuce, cheese (shred ahead of time), olives, salsa, chips/Max’s chips (precook)

Dessert: GF Chocolate cupcakes (pre frozen)

Day 3

            Breakfast: Coconut Rice
            Ingredients needed: Brown rice, coconut milk, coconut flakes, maple syrup, blueberries

            Lunch: Hot dogs, salad, fruit
            Ingredients needed: Hot dogs, buns, salad, salad dressing

            Dinner: Chili and GF Zucchini Muffins (pre frozen)
            Ingredients needed: Kidney beans, EVOO, onion, quinoa, tomato sauce, tomatoes,


            Breakfast: French Toast, Fruit
            Ingredients needed: Almond milk, eggs, vanilla, sugar, salt, bread

            Lunch: Sandwiches
            Ingredients needed: Bread, Mustard, Pickles, Turkey, Lettuce, Cheese

          Almond bars (frozen)                          Sesame strips
          Fruit                                                    Fruit leather
          Raisins                                                Crackers/Hummus