Costco Finds

I've been really impressed lately with the selection available at our local Costco. Of course it is always ideal to buy local when possible but I do enjoy buying things in bulk as it can often save money. I took a trip there today and came back with some exciting finds.

Driscoll Farms Organic Raspberries
12 oz. for $3.99

Mary's Gone Crackers - Gluten Free
2 - 10 oz. bags for $6.99
Ingredients: Organic short grain brown rice, organic whole quinoa, organic brown flax seeds, organic brown sesame seeds, filtered water, organic wheat-free low sodium tamari (water, whole organic soybeans, salt, organic alcohol), sea salt. 
This brand is organic, kosher, non-GMO, whole grain, vegan, dairy-free, no hydrogenated oils or trans fats, and contains 450 mg. of omega-3 fatty acids per 1 oz. serving. 

Pita Pal Organic Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
32 oz. for $5.99
Ingredients: Organic chickpeas, organic sesame tahini, organic red peppers, organic lemon juice, organic spices, sea salt, organic olive oil, and a lot of love.
*I was really excited to find this hummus! I don't usually buy premade hummus because it usually contains canola oil (GMO) or other undesirable ingredients like cornstarch (allergy and GMO). I was happy to see that this was organic and the only oil it contains is olive oil which is supposed to be in hummus!

Alpine Valley Natural Whole Grain Breads
Organic Sprouted Honey Wheat with Flaxseed or Organic Multigrain with Omega-3
2 - 24 oz. loaves for $6.99 (Sprouted) or $6.49 (Omega-3)
*This is not necessarily cheap but is a better price than buying this bread at the regular grocery store - I bought this for my husband since he is the only one currently eating gluten and although I'd like to make him bread from scratch, lately it just doesn't happen. I bought the sprouted bread which was a good compromise (it looks to be about half sprouted/half unsprouted but is completely whole grain).

Costco also carries Rudi's Gluten Free bread - 2 loaves for $6.99 (I usually see it on sale at the grocery store for no less than $4.99 or so). Rudi's does contain corn so I haven't been buying it because of my son but have started buying it for myself and my daughter to eat (suspecting gluten intolerance in us as well). Other staples we usually buy - organic spinach - a large tub for $3.49 and 4 lbs. frozen organic blackberries for between $8-9.