Nos Enfants Nous Accuseront

Last night, I watched this documentary through my free 30 day Netflix trial. I HIGHLY recommend seeing it! It was so good.

I loved seeing a different viewpoint on food, health, nutrition, etc. Although not comforting, it was nice to know that France is dealing with huge problems that are quite similar to what we struggle with. When I saw this documentary listed, I knew I had to watch it for one reason...I pretty much love anything French (been studying French since the ninth grade and have traveled/lived there)!

What was reconfirmed to me over and over as I watched this film was how much food affects us! We don't even realize it. For me, it is easy to feel removed from food. When I think of organic...I think produce. But what about grains? Wheat is treated something like 27 different times with different chemicals in the field, then it comes to our tables and into our bodies. The incidence of cancer has increased 93% in the last 25 years - and many of the factors are environmental. Many of the people in the small agricultural villages in France are dying from cancer...not just adults...children! Little ones suffering from leukemia and other terrible diseases (genital malformations were one that was mentioned). The huge link for them - pesticides. They are all farmers/children of farmers who are exposed to these pesticides daily. Now what about those who consume those pesticides through their food? We are all affected. And sadly, our beautiful mother earth is affected as well. I don't remember the statistic but many species of animals/other living things have become completely extinct in the last 100 years...all due to us.

In this movie, the mayor of Barjac decides to enforce a law that all school lunches served in the cafeteria as well as food for the elderly must be organic and local if possible. It was so neat to see this carried out. What I loved to see was the difference in what the French children would eat. They were served organic bread, organic pasta with bolognese sauce, and a big salad for one of their meals. It makes me sad to think that the majority of our children would never even touch a bite...because all they have been given is processed junk like hot dogs, hamburgers, or chicken nuggets and colored milk. The children went on a school field trip to the Pont du Gard and I loved their lunch - organic white bread, hard boiled organic free range eggs, and organic sausage along with de l'eau, of course (water).

We need to see serious change all over the world. I'm thankful for documentaries and towns like these doing so much to make a difference and to educate people. I love seeing things like Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution! It is a hard thing to realize that the food we eat - refined, processed, colored, tainted with toxic chemicals, and additives galore - is killing us, but it truly, truly is. We have so much more disease than we have ever had. I loved watching this movie because it reminded me that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being passionate about feeding my family healthy - it is for my children, to give them a life of longevity and health. The title of the movie, roughly translated says "Our Children Will Accuse Us" - they want to make changes so that in the future, their children won't accuse them and say "You didn't do enough...why did you allow us to be fed all of these toxic, harmful chemicals?" I feel the same. I want to look at my children and have them know that I did what I could to give them the best nutrition possible.

In many ways, as hard as it is to have a child with special needs (speech impairment, food allergies, history of seizures), I am so grateful. I am so grateful for the lessons he has taught me because he has made us better. He is the reason I have learned all that I have learned. He has improved so much with the knowledge I've gained! If it wasn't for his little soul, pushing me to help make him better, I wouldn't know any of this. I'm not grateful for the daily struggles or moments of feeling complete and utter despair, but I am so grateful for all of the ways which we've been able to grow from the trial.

This film really made me want to eat 100% organic. I know that isn't possible but I've got a stronger resolve to do better and eat as organic as we can on our budget. The mayor of the town made a statement that resonated with me...he said something to the effect of "Nothing is too good, too high quality, too expensive for the sake of our children." With that, I agree...I will gladly spend more than most on my food budget because it plays such a huge role in our health and well being.

What I find so empowering about the message of this film is that we truly can make changes. Sometimes it feels impossible to change the world but we don't have to change the world...we can start with us. Begin with our own homes and families. Have dinner together. Serve clean, fresh, whole food. Teach our children about their bodies and how the food they eat affects it for good or bad. We can serve our children the very same thing we eat...they don't have to have their own special meal alongside the adult meal (ie: no more chicken nuggets for dinner instead of pasta and salad). As mothers, we have a very special responsibility and the power lies with us! Our children are our future and they deserve better. We can make change with every decision we make - every piece of food we buy, every meal we make. Change is up to each one of us!

Okay, there is my soap box. Now, go watch this film - I think you'll enjoy it too!

*PS, there was a home birth in the movie :)

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