Fermented Cod Liver Oil Sale

There is a fantastic sale right now on Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil. It is the emulsified type (for better absorption of the nutrients) and is regularly $39/bottle. It is on sale right now for $25/bottle which is a fabulous deal! I am going to buy a couple to stock up. I really love this brand and feel like this is the best choice for Cod Liver Oil there is (very clean, no yucky ingredients, plus it is fermented). I am not sure how long the sale lasts so take advantage!

Here's my little "testimonial" of Cod Liver Oil...in fact, I wrote this on my personal blog just last night before I even knew there was a sale going on. My journal writing last night was prompted by the fact that I heard two very precious words come from my speech-delayed 3 year old's mouth last night..."love mommy." Here's what I said: 

Max has made big strides in the last bit with his language. I have really focused on supplementing him nutritionally with things he may be lacking and I feel like it has made a huge, noticeable improvement. A week or so ago, I became really diligent about giving him fermented Cod Liver oil every day. It is a wonderful source of Vitamin A and D, as well as DHA and EPA. Those nutrients are especially important for proper brain function, especially in children with special needs like ADHD. The fatty acids help all the neurons fire correctly, in essence. I have had the Cod Liver oil for a long time but Max stopped drinking it well, so I slacked on giving it to him. I decided to be diligent again and began adding it to juice (it is orange flavored but still smells fishy). To my surprise, the first morning, he gulped it right up (Maude's doing great too!)! Sometimes I have to insist that he drinks it, but usually by giving him a reward like a BIG high five or something does the trick. Within a couple of days of him having the Cod Liver oil, we noticed a big difference in his speech. For example, he was looking out the window one evening and saw the sprinklers. He looked over at me and said, "I see rain, Mom." Plain as day! He has never used an "I" sentence - usually it would have been something like "Rain, mom." It was really impressive. Since then, he has used "I" sentences a lot more...like "I see cars/trucks/etc." He also has started to use some describing words. His friends Rowan and Aiden have been sick with a stomach bug and were supposed to go camping with us, but weren't able to come. He's been telling me "Rowan and Aiden's tummy's hurt real bad." I can't believe he is saying such things! I have no doubt it has to do at least in part with the Cod Liver oil because it happened right at the exact time I started being diligent about giving it to him.

I also started him on some other supplements to help address other things. We'll see how he improves with them. Seeing how much the Cod Liver oil has helped makes me really hopeful that these specific supplements will also make a difference. We're also using a variety of essential oils (Patchouli, Vetiver, Balance, Frankincense) on him daily that are specifically targeted for neurological function - we have been doing these for awhile and I have noticed a lot of improvement with his behavior/tantrums since using them.

Cod Liver Oil is not only good for little ones with delays like Max, it is essential for all of us! I have noticed a huge correlation between my depression level and how well I am doing at taking my Cod Liver Oil (although more pricey, I take the capsules because I can't handle the fishy taste). I was doing really well with my depression and then ran out of Cod Liver Oil and didn't replace it because of the expense and after it'd been a few months, I realized I was in such a major slump again. It hadn't even occurred to me how much better I'd felt when taking the Cod Liver Oil. I now try to be really diligent about it and notice a big improvement in myself when I am consistent. 

I highly recommend reading this post about the Benefits of Cod Liver Oil because it covers everything so well and I wholeheartedly agree with everything she says. 

(PS, I am not associated with Green Pasture at all, I just wanted to let you all know about this wonderful sale)