Natural Healing Spotlight: Peppermint

Peppermint is quickly becoming one of my favorite "tools" to use when I start to feel under the weather. It is so versatile and best of all, so effective!

History and Information

Peppermint has been known since the seventeenth century. Peppermint capsules are used in Europe for irritated bowels. The extract is said to be effective against herpes simplex and other viral organisms. The oil stops spasms of smooth muscles. It is also an important ingredient in many personal hygiene products.

Practical Uses


Improves digestion, soothes the intestines, relieves flatulence and nausea, increases appetite, freshens bad breath

Vapors open the sinus and breathing passages; deepens the breathing

Mood uplifting especially to people who have a slow metabolism, aphrodisiac; refreshing, reviving, stimulates the brain, nerves, and metabolism, increases mental clarity, alertness, and the ability to concentrate, sharpens the senses; encourages communication; helps to revive a person from a fainting spell or shock

Increases physical strength and endurance

Relieves pain, inflammation, menstrual pain, and cramps

May reduce lactation

Repels insects, kills parasites

Soothes itching skin

Appetite suppressant

Anecdotal Stories

There are several ways I love to use peppermint around the house. This week, my little one had a body temperature that was fluctuating between 103 and 104 degrees F. Within minutes of applying one drop of peppermint oil to his feet, his body temperature would drop to 101 and stay in that range for a few hours. It also seemed to calm the aches and discomforts that come along with high body temperature and he rested comfortably after the peppermint was applied.

I also love to use peppermint oil to control coughing. Just one drop on the bottoms of my children's feet calms their coughing for a couple of hours. For a particularly bad cough, you may need to apply a drop on the bottom of the feet every few minutes for 15 minutes or so to see results, but be consistent - it will stop the coughing very quickly.

Since peppermint is a cooling oil, it is wonderful to put a few drops in a small spray bottle with water. In the summer, or when feeling overheated, simply spritz your neck and it will cool you off instantly! Peppermint is also wonderful to clean with since it has antibacterial properties - it smells divine! You can also use it in baking. Pure peppermint essential oil is the equivalent potency of 26-28 cups of peppermint tea, so one drop is very powerful and goes a long way with whatever you're using it for!

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