New Class Announcement

{For my readers local to Mesa, Arizona or the surrounding area}

Ever wanted to learn about sourdough?

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Come learn the basics of baking with sourdough! Be prepared for myths to be dispelled (like, sourdough isn't always sour! hooray!). You'll leave with your own sourdough starter and a compilation of tried and true recipes to get you started...english muffins, waffles, and more!

Join us Saturday, July 16th from 10-11 am at my home in East Mesa.
Class fee $10
RSVP by emailing me at kamille[dot]larsen@gmail[dot]com.

Sourdough is two organisms, wild yeast and bacteria, in symbiosis. Together, these organisms transform the grain to make it more healthful, more digestible and also resistant to getting moldy or stale. Many people with wheat or yeast allergies have no problem eating sourdough bread because it very effectively pre-digests gluten and other parts of the grain. The best part...sourdough is free!

Preparing bread with the process of sourdough improves the nutrition by:

Predigesting the starches, making the bread more readily digestible
Lowering insulin response/improving glucose tolerance
Protecting Vitamin B1 from the damage of baking
Breaking down gluten
Activating phytase to dissolve the phytates, thus freeing up important minerals for absorption

Baking with sourdough is a fun, exciting, rewarding process! It is delicious, nutritious, and best of all - really easy to learn. Hope to see you in class!

{Bring/Refer a friend and receive a $2 class discount}