How to Get Kids to Take FCLO

Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) is so good for the body but even with that knowledge, I have had a hard time being consistent with getting my kids to take it. I am quite a baby myself and have bought the more expensive gel capsules in the past so I wouldn't have to deal with the fishy flavor (I hate the taste of fish...wish I could eat it, but I just can't do any seafood!). I wrote a little bit about our experience with Fermented Cod Liver Oil here.

When I ran out of the Oslo Orange flavor, I bought an Emulsified Ginger and an Emulsified Peppermint flavor, because they were on sale and were a great price. I sadly got very out of the habit of giving my kids their FCLO because they really refused the Ginger flavor (and that was the first one I opened).

However, today I saw Food Renegade's status update on Facebook about how the Emulsified Peppermint flavor was really yummy (if you can call FCLO yummy!) and I decided to break mine open and give it a go.

The verdict:

(And remember, this is coming from someone who cannot stand anything fishy)

It was GOOD. 
Yes, there was an oily/greasy texture but the flavor was purely peppermint! Absolutely no fish flavor or aftertaste whatsoever. I could not be more shocked or excited!

The best part was that my kids took it! I used to stir the Oslo Orange flavor into their juice or smoothies, but getting them to drink it was hit or miss. They completely despised the Ginger flavor, but tonight, they both took the Peppermint flavor very well - and right off the spoon! I plan to be really diligent about it so that it becomes a nightly habit where we all take our "Peppermint Candy" together.

(My 18 month old did act like it was spicy, which it very well could have been for her mouth but I think she will get used to it. My 3 year old suprisingly took it well and liked the fact that I was calling it "Peppermint Candy.")

Here are some ideas on how to get your kids to take Fermented Cod Liver Oil:

  1. Be an example. Take the first spoonful (or medicine cup full) and try to be brave! Don't let on if it tastes nasty. OR, if it does, make it a big joke and be really silly about it. Stay positive.
  2. Use lots of positive praise/talk. "Good job! You are such a big boy/girl!" or "This will make your body so healthy!"
  3. Promise a reward. Tonight, I promised my children a small cup of juice which is a real treat. You could also promise something like a spoonful of raw honey, a spoonful of peanut butter, or even a chocolate chip!
  4. Let them be in control. Tonight, I started off by spooning the dose into my 18 month old's mouth which was fine. But I let my 3 year old do his dose all by himself. A spoon was getting to be messy, so I put a small amount into a medicine cup and he was able to be in charge of drinking it himself. Giving children power and choices makes them feel validated and gives them autonomy. I also let him do it on his own time table (with lots of positive talk). It worked a lot better than the last time when I just held him down and squirted it in his mouth (I don't recommend that method!).
  5. Try combining it with something if your children will not take it straight. I have found that the best juice for my kids to hide things in is grape juice because it has a strong flavor. Although I am not a huge fan of juice because it is a lot of sugar, I feel that the benefits of getting FCLO or other important supplements like Probiotics is worth a small amount of juice (watered down, if they will still tolerate it).
  6. If your children absolutely will not take the oil by mouth, you can rub some on their diaper area (if they are in diapers) or on their tummy. The oil absorbs very well through the skin and they will still reap all of the nutritional benefits. I haven't tried this but some tips I read were to use a disposable diaper or if using on the tummy, wrap with gauze because the oil will stain anything it touches. It is supposed to absorb quite quickly.
Do you have any tried and true ways to get your children to take their cod liver oil?

Recommended Dosages for Fermented Cod Liver Oil
Children: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon, daily
Adult: 1/2 to 1 teaspoon, daily
Pregnant/Nursing: 1 to 2 teaspoons, daily