A few weeks ago, we got some really disappointing news about my son Max and his allergies. We took him in for another allergy test (the first was a blood test that came back negative, except for wheat) and got some hard news about the results. We did a fresh food skin test, so I was able to bring in 19 foods that he has daily in his diet, then they tested those to see if he was reactive to any. Of the 19 foods I brought in, he tested allergic to 15 of them! The foods were flax seed, corn (which we already knew), coconut, guar gum, xanthan gum, brown rice, sorghum, tapioca starch, cashews (which we already knew), onions, strawberries, grapes, lemon juice, kamut, and organic apple juice. It was highly disappointing, to say the least. The worst part is not knowing what else he may be allergic to that we didn't test (vegetables, legumes, etc). It was definitely not expected at all and left me feeling terribly overwhelmed (still feeling it). Thus, contributing to my blog silence. Food is such a passion for us, so to have such restrictions is very difficult. To see that even healthy, nourishing food is being rejected by my child's body is incredibly sad. But, it pushes me to find a way to heal him and I know we'll find a way.

After a lot of thought and prayer, we decided there were only a couple of options. Basically, we needed to eliminate everything he is allergic to because that is the only way healing can take place (if the gut is constantly being bombarded by allergens, it will never heal). That option brings in something like the GAPS diet, which we attempted a couple of months ago. It was very difficult and expensive, but most of all, just very difficult to keep a three year old on that restrictive of a diet. The other option, was to try something like NAET. We ultimately decided to try NAET because we had heard many positive things about treatment outcomes and because it seemed like the right path to take. We hadn't heard of NAET until it was mentioned to us by my mother-in-law about a week before Max's allergy test. My husband's aunt did it and found great success with clearing a long time allergy to dairy. Hearing that, made us trust the therapy more and want to give it a chance even if it does sound a little "voodoo."

The basic premise of NAET is that your body has energy and when it comes into contact with certain items, there can be a clash, so to speak, of energy. That would be manifest as an allergy. So with Max, for example, when he comes into contact with wheat, the energy of the wheat does not jive with the energy of Max's body...they "repel" each other and it acts as an allergen to him. This technique realigns the energy of the body with the energy of the foods or other environmental substances that are causing a clash and resulting in allergies. It is done through acupressure (for kids)/acupuncture, muscle testing, and other Chinese medicinal techniques. It seems so strange but I really feel like it is working. I hesitate to even write about this because it is so foreign to the way we think in the Western world, but I feel good about the treatment and the fact that Chinese medicine has been around a long time and is quite effective. This treatment has about a 90% efficacy rate which is really high. We figure, the only thing we have to lose is our money...and quite honestly, with the amount of allergies we are dealing with, I would pay millions to find a way to heal Max...voodoo or not. It's either a treatment like this or a diet like GAPS, which was very difficult and with how allergic Max is, we'd have to do the Intro diet for sure which would be even more difficult.

NAET treats basic nutrients first - there is a group of 15 nutrients that often affect allergies. Max tested for 8 of the 15 nutrients, so we are beginning the treatments by treating those 8 groups (Egg mix, Calcium mix, B complex mix, Sugar mix, Salt mix, Grain mix, Yeast mix, Stomach acid mix). It really makes sense to treat the actual components of the food first. Max is allergic to all kinds of fruits, so it makes sense that perhaps what he is allergic to isn't necessarily the fruit itself but some component of the fruit (like the sugar?). We have done three of the groups so far - Egg mix, Calcium mix, and the B complex mix. After each treatment, there is an avoidance period of 25 hours while the body realigns energy. The idea is to stay away from any of the things that were treated so that you don't interfere with the treatment. I have no idea if this is making sense or not...if this interests you, I really encourage studying more about it.

I wasn't sure, until today, that things were working. After the first treatment, during the 25 hour avoidance period, Max had a major meltdown (worse than he's ever had - or at least comparable to when he's accidentally had wheat). We wondered if that was some sort of detox associated with the treatment or if it was just coincidence. On the second treatment, he threw up two times during the avoidance period...that is highly unusual. He never throws up (the last time was when he had his seizure over a year ago) and he wasn't again, was it a coincidence or some sort of detoxification? He also got hives on his hips after each of those treatments.

I felt so down going into today's treatment because I just wasn't sure if it was working. Max has had really bad hives since Sunday night (he is reacting to berries, I'm pretty sure) and it is just so disappointing to see allergic reactions like that. Plus his mood has been out of control. We've had lots and lots of temper tantrums. We went into today's treatment without any hives (he only gets them right after eating something he is allergic to). During the treatment, there is a time when you have to have whatever is being treated (B complex in this case) held against your body for 15 minutes (it is in a glass vial). When the 15 minutes was over, I looked at Max's head and he had a big hive on his forehead! The acupuncturist and I were actually thrilled because that is a huge sign that it is working...his body totally reacted to something placed against his skin in a little glass vial...see, I told you, it sounds so voodoo, but after witnessing that, I am really feeling like it works. To top it off, when we got home, I noticed that he had a hive in the area where the vial was placed for 15 minutes. This has been the hardest avoidance period so far, but with a lot of prayer and distractions for Max, we have made it through (almost...we still have to conquer breakfast in the morning)!

I still don't know where we'll be after we finish these treatments. I am hopeful, especially after today, that this will help his body realign and at least eliminate some of his allergies. I am perfectly happy with him needing to be gluten free...I had accepted that! So even if just a few of the allergies are eliminated, it will be considered a success. Anything to help him live a more normal life and feel less restricted in his food choices. Overall, we are feeling really good about continuing with the treatments and even a little excited! I am eager to see where we'll be at the end of this.

I'll do anything for this little guy!