Busy busy!

Sorry for the lack of posts (if anyone is even reading!). We have been quite busy around here with just life in general. My oldest started preschool...crazy! He is loving it and I am very excited for him to get some help with his speech. We are also preparing to go on the GAPS diet again. I have committed myself this time to doing it fully...we are even going to start with the Intro portion of the diet. With the amount of allergies my son is dealing with (20+), there just has to be some sort of healing for his little leaky gut. Plus, I really need the diet (dealing with gut issues as well) and my other little one shows some similar signs. I think it will really benefit all of us and as anxious as I feel about starting the Intro (wondering how the kids will do with eating so much soup!), I feel extremely excited and peaceful. Excited and peaceful are the ways that I know I am doing what is right for my family. I set the date to start the Intro at lunch time on next Thursday, August 25th. That gives us through the weekend to hopefully make some progress before my oldest has to go back to preschool on Monday. I have spent the last two days doing some preparations in the kitchen. I cooked two organic chickens in the crockpot, deboned the meat and put it into meal-sized bags, then made a large pot of stock which gave me 14 quarts! I also cooked two large turkey breasts and bagged the meat and am currently making stock with the bones. I shredded and bagged 6 pounds of organic carrots and 4.5 pounds of organic zucchini, as well as cooked and bagged acorn and spaghetti squash (got 6 cups and 14 cups of those). My freezer is filling itself little by little...the sad thing is that it probably will not last very long! I have also started stocking up on different types of meat. I also peeled and cut 8 pounds of apples for when we are ready to introduce fruit to the diet. I still need to chop and freeze some other veggies I've got in my freezer (did you know you can buy organic carrots at Costco for $.49/pound? Trader Joe's are super cheap but are $.79/pound...great buy!). I also need to make some additional GAPS-friendly foods that I can eat while doing the Intro. Since I am pregnant, I shouldn't do the Intro because it can cause a lot of die-off reactions and I don't want to have those toxins going to my baby. I'll eat other GAPS food in order to keep my calories up and my die-off to a minimum. I'll have to sneak those little snacks though, because I know it will be a challenge for my children and I want them to feel 100% supported. My husband will be doing the diet with us when he is at home, so hopefully we will all feel some solidarity in doing it together. If anyone has any tips on getting through the Intro of the diet, I would love to hear them! I will probably update little by little about our experience so I can keep a record of it and if it helps anyone out, then great!

Oh! And, to update on our NAET treatments...I feel like they are working, but the reason we are starting the GAPS diet is because I feel like my little one needs additional help on a nutritional level. With NAET, I saw some symptoms go away but new symptoms arrived (for example, he all of the sudden became allergic to his hair...reacting in hives when I cut it! We treated him for his hair, I cut it again, and the hives did not happen...so, the treatment for that worked. The same thing happened with grass...he started reacting horribly to grass, we treated it, and now he doesn't react anymore). We treated him for grains twice, which technically meant that he should be able to tolerate grains...but that is not the case. I gave him a small amount of homemade popcorn and he got hives within 20 minutes. I also tried some oats which had been soaked overnight and he ended up having loose stools for at least three days. Those reactions were so disappointing! It told me that although NAET is really helping, and I still believe it to be beneficial, he needs something else to help him heal. So, that is why we have really decided to do GAPS. I am committed, excited, and ready for some wonderful healing to take place.