GAPS Intro: Day 8

4:38 pm

I'm not going to lie. I am ready for my happy #1 to be back. He is so grumpy and whiny and demanding (a usual personality trait, just completely up several notches). I am getting pretty sick of it. I am guessing it is die off and I'm wondering when on earth it will end. I am taking it slow with him. Hardly any ferments and no commercial probiotic but he must still be having a lot of detoxification going on. The good news is that I have not seen hardly any hives today! And he's been eating the same things. So that is exciting. #2 is doing great. She is in super good spirits. I am dragging today. Mostly feeling a little frustrated I guess with #1's behavior. It's getting really tiring and it's hard to be whined and yelled at 24/7. I think he forgot what it's like to use a normal voice. I don't have a big pot of soup made yet and quite honestly, today I am not even going to bother with it. I'm too tired. We'll have our usual GAPS Stage 3 meal tonight but I just don't think I can handle the stress of getting him to try soup tonight (he just crashed at 4:15 because he resisted a nap all day even though he was really tired and I guarantee when he wakes up he will be an absolute monster!). I plan to give him another good tummy rub tonight and an Epsom Salt bath to help with the symptoms.

So I am actually really enjoying this food. I am not really missing grains too much (mostly because I know how they make me feel and I'm feeling so much better without them currently). Today for a snack I had some green beans sauteed in butter, garlic, and lemon juice. They were really good. It makes me feel happy to be putting such wholesome things into my body (not that grains are not wholesome but for us right now, they aren't). I also made a super delicious fritatta this morning (my first time making one!) and think it's definitely the way to go with eggs. It's a nice way to change up our egg eating. It also makes a good snack on the go. It tastes good right out of the fridge and the kids can hold it like a piece of pizza. #2 really loved it. Tonight we're eating a roast from the slow cooker along with vegetables. I bought some sauerkraut and will probably dip into it a little tonight. #2 has had two great bowel movements today. Hooray! The kids are still loving butter and ask for it as a snack. I introduced yogurt today. Maybe that is why #1 is extra grumpy...additional die off? Or maybe a reaction. I will wait a few days and see. I'm not sure how long we'll be stuck on Stage 3 but I am wanting to take it slow since #1 is being such a bugger. I know a lot of healing needs to take place for him so I am trying to be patient and not lose my cool. Today it has just been harder to find that patience!

Just got this in the mail today...I love this dishsoap. And if you buy it on Subscribe & Save it makes it only $3.70 per bottle (it is $6 at the health food store). It doesn't leave any residue! And it's natural. I have to say, doing my dishes this morning was extra exciting :)