GAPS Intro Journal: Day 1

8:30 am

I woke up excited and nervous today. I've been making preparations to start this diet for almost two weeks which helped me to feel more at ease (One of the biggest lessons I learned from my daughter's birth was "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear." That has helped me have faith that this Intro portion of the diet will all work out). Yesterday, I prepared two soups (Carrot Ginger and Broccoli/Cauliflower with Chicken) and got some other things ready to have on hand today.

I had to be up early because I am babysitting my friend's two little ones today (a two year old and a three month old). Unfortunately I didn't sleep well last night. I was up with both kids at various times, so I got very little sleep. I am hoping to catch some quick cat naps when I can throughout the day. Today I'll have a house of four little ones under the age of three! So far it is going well (luckily my youngest is still sleeping).

I really wasn't sure how eating soup for breakfast would play out. My husband and I sat down at 6 am to our soup and kind of's just so not in our culture to eat a hot, savory soup in the morning. We quite enjoyed it though and it was nice to have a moment to ourselves before the crazy day began. My oldest (we'll call him #1) is not a soup fan and I wasn't sure I would be able to even coax him to take a bite, let alone eat the whole bowl, but so far, he has done well and has taken about 10 tiny bites of the soup. I think it is actually a really good thing to have my friend's little boy over here...I can use him as leverage! I even gave him some soup (He's so great! He totally took lots of bites with very little coaxing...why are my children SO strong willed?), which encouraged #1 to eat his. I have been using a lot of positive praise and positive reinforcement. I've also been using ABA, which is a technique where you let the child do something they really love in exchange for taking a bite. So, I told my son he could play Mario Cart if he took three little bites (he could choose if his bites were little or big...he chose little!). He did so (after a lot of whining and coaching), so he got to play a race. When that race was over, I paused it and made him take more bites. I kept saying, "Oh good job!! One more little bite." And eventually, he'd taken several little bites. We'll see how it goes throughout the day, but I am feeling relieved to be babysitting because I think it is a great distraction for #1. see how #2 does with the soup...she isn't awake yet but I am expecting her to put up a fight.

12:00 pm

#2 woke up and wanted nothing to do with the soup. She kept asking for crackers, to which I replied that we were all out. Eventually, I force fed her several bites of the carrot soup, which she didn't enjoy but didn't fight as much as I thought she would (she and #1 have very different personalities...#1 is not the type you can force is very traumatic). Later, she was asking for food (I could tell she was really hungry) and I offered her another type of soup. She didn't want it, but I put a small amount on her lips, and once I had fed her a couple of bites, she wanted more. She then sat and let me spoon feed her several bites of the Broccoli/Cauliflower soup, and eventually took over - wanting to do it herself. I think she will continue to resist the soups but if she gets one little taste and likes it, I think she'll do fine. Especially if I let her sit on my lap. I feel more at ease now that I've seen how she handled it.

#1 has been asking me all morning long for snacks. Fruit leather, crackers, waffles, pickles, apple juice, cheese, yogurt and peanut name it. I keep telling him that we don't have any left and will have to go to the store sometime to get more. Last night I spent a long time cleaning out our pantry (and organizing, yay!) so that there would be nothing in their sight that they couldn't have. It has helped a lot because they can see that there is nothing there in the way of snacks. #1 did really well with breakfast and almost finished his bowl of carrot soup (1 ladle full) - all thanks to Mario Cart. After the first few times of me telling him he could play after he took a few bites, it didn't take any coaching at all for me to get him to comply. He is hungry again though and putting up a big fight about the soup. I offered him chicken and carrots boiled in stock or soup and he doesn't want either. I tried a lot of things to motivate him to take a bite of the new soup choice and finally the iPad won out. I told him he could play if he took a couple of bites. I got a couple of bites out of him but it may be difficult to get more without major bribes. We'll see.

Honestly so far it is going a lot better than I expected. We had some tense moments this morning and some meltdowns over not having the foods each child wanted, but other than that, they have both surprised me by eating more than I thought they would. We'll see what this afternoon and evening brings!

8:00 pm

Phew. The day is over. I am so tired. I think between the lack of sleep and the just eating soup thing all day I am just really feeling the fatigue as evening hits. The kids were extra whiny this afternoon (they hadn't eaten very much all day) so I gave them some boiled chicken and carrots that had been soaking in stock. I figured it was a good compromise since they hadn't eaten a lot of soup. They were still getting some meat stock but also meat to fill them up. That really helped their moods. I had to force feed #2 her soup for dinner and #1 only ate half of his bowl in between playing Mario Cart as a bribe. I am really proud of him because I told him that after each race, he needed to pause it and go take two bites of soup. Surprisingly, he did just as I asked even when I wasn't in the room monitoring! I am glad he gets helps to find something to motivate him. When I find that motivating prize, it makes my job so much easier! I am nervous for what tomorrow will bring because we are already feeling souped out! I am planning to introduce yogurt made with cream, so at least we will have something new to add to the soups. I'm hoping that after tomorrow we will be able to move onto Stage 2 of the diet.

*#1 broke out in hives this afternoon. He hasn't had hives for awhile so I am not thinking that this is a food reaction (he didn't eat anything today that would normally give him hives). I am hoping it is a cleansing reaction...if so, hooray. If it is related to an intolerance/allergy, I'm not worrying. Time will heal.