GAPS Intro Journal: Day 3

10:20 am

Wow this morning started off a little rough. Both kids woke up really early and I was so tired (I didn't get a lot of sleep last night because I went to bed late, then was up with #2 a lot). #2 absolutely refused soup this morning. I force fed her a small amount but she was really, really grumpy and just wanted me to hold her which made it so that I couldn't get any preparations going in the kitchen (we needed a new batch of soup made). Luckily, #1 didn't fight breakfast that much. He didn't enjoy it but took small bites in between playing Mario Cart (that seems to be the reward of choice).

I got a little surprise in my inbox this morning which completely rejuvenated me. It is an electronic guide book for doing the GAPS Intro. I met Cara at a little playgroup this last week with some other moms in the valley who are doing GAPS. She kindly sent me this guide and I can't tell you what a blessing it is. I had wanted to buy it but couldn't afford to spend the money. There are so many good ideas and recipes! I already feel more resolve (this morning I was feeling burned out when #2 wouldn't eat). If you are going to do the GAPS Intro, I highly recommend getting this e-book. It will make it so much easier. Cara, truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart...I am so grateful.

So with that rejuvenation, I went into the kitchen and got some creativity going. I baked spaghetti squash to eat Fideo tonight, got a new pot of soup going (a mesh of cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, onion, garlic, and chicken), and then tried to figure out something the kids would eat. I boiled a head of cauliflower in some chicken stock, then drained it (reserving the stock for soup) and seasoned it with ghee and salt. Then I used my immersion blender to blend it up. It looks just like mashed potatoes and tastes sooo yummy! #2 ate four bowls at least. #1 didn't want to try it, so I will have to find a way to hide it with meat in the future. I also served them some shredded beef, topped with chicken stock and mixed in a good portion of ghee. They both ate that right up. Both of them immediately perked up (especially #2). It's so nice to find something they will eat. I am going to continue doing soups at least once a day, but I am glad to be able to have some new ideas on what to offer them since they are not doing terribly well with the soups. I am not really sure how to get broth down them at every meal, but I figure I will do my best by cooking as much as I can with it and putting it on their food.

The amazing thing is that I truly already feel like I am seeing results in #1. He had a bowel movement this morning that was perfect! Usually when he is on grains (even gluten free), they are often very loose and fragmented. Sometimes discolored as well (sorry TMI?). Today, it was just how it should be...I AM SO HAPPY! Bowel movements are such an indicator of gut health, so this was exciting to see changes so quickly. He is also talking better. Instead of using one or two words (which he still does a lot) to communicate, he has been using three or four words without me prompting him to do so. His under eye circles still look like they are lightening up. He is even playing with his cars right now using his imagination (that does not usually happen). I don't usually hear any vocalization as he lines up his cars but this time I heard him saying that the cars were going to get some gas.

I'm still waiting for #2 to have a bowel movement and am hoping that she will have one today. Hopefully the mashed cauliflower will help with that as it has some fiber. I haven't seen any remarkable improvements in her yet but there were not as many things to worry about with her. The biggest thing I am looking is for her chronic diaper rash to get better. It seems her bowel movements are always burning her bum. I am confident that issue will improve over time.

As for me, I am feeling pretty good. Just tired. I am trying not to give us very many probiotic foods right now so as to minimize our die-off reactions. I want to take it slow, especially since detoxing quickly is not good for me while carrying this baby. I will probably begin to introduce whey into our food as a probiotic soon. The only probiotic food we have had so far was the yogurt cream all day yesterday and today. We've also been doing Epsom Salt baths to help with the die-off reactions and I think they must be helping.

It feels good to feel optimistic because yesterday was full of a lot of ups and downs with the kids. I am hoping today continues to go well!

9:06 pm

Tonight I think I am starting to feel some detoxification symptoms. I have actually had a lot more energy than I expected to have so far, but I am beginning to feel a tiny bit stuffy in my head. We'll see if some sleep helps that.

#2 was super whiny all day long and was my little shadow. She followed me around crying until I picked her up almost all day. She was better after she would eat something but then she'd get really whiny again. #1 actually did fantastic all day today! He ate pretty well and was in good spirits. He did fantastic at dinner time. I made the Fideo and boy was it delicious! Kara, you are a culinary genius I swear! #2 didn't hardly eat anything (other than the yogurt cream) but she is super wary of vegetables and I think the texture bothers her...she has been doing better with purees. I think I will have to continue disguising her vegetables for a little while until she gets "un-picky." Back to #1 - he ate two plates of the Fideo along with yogurt cream. I was so impressed. My husband loved it too. For a bedtime snack, I had to laugh. The kids were begging me for more yogurt cream, so there they sat, eating bowls of yogurt cream before bed (#2 also ate some chicken along with it). I'm glad they like the sour taste. I know you are supposed to introduce it slow but I seriously don't know how to do that when they're begging and begging and begging for it. I was just happy to give them something they wanted.

Reactions/die off: #1 had a few hives this afternoon again. Other than that I didn't notice anything today. #2 was whiny so perhaps that is die off. I feel a bit stuffy and I have been really, really thirsty. My throat also feels very very dry. My husband feels pretty good.