GAPS Intro Journal: Day 4

2:36 pm

Boy did today start out hard! It felt like a scream-fest with both kids resisting soup for breakfast. Neither of them ate much soup without a big fight (I forced a few bites down #2 and #1 ate a few bites of the yogurt cream on top of his soup). I introduced egg yolks. Since my eggs are just the organic ones from Costco, I didn't want to do them raw, so I cooked the yolks in ghee and salted them. The kids ate them but it's sad that 5 egg yolks don't amount to much without the whites! They wanted more but I told them they were that horrible? I don't think they ate anything else until I made some lunch around noon. With screaming kids and frustrated parents, I decided to go in my room and sleep (still feeling congested and tired). I woke up and made meat balls and served it over spaghetti squash along with some yogurt cream. The kids LOVED it and #2 who was seeming especially weak and grumpy ate it right up...including the spaghetti squash which she wouldn't even touch in last night's dinner! She ate at least 8 meatballs and a good portion of her squash. I always feel rejuvenated after they eat a good meal.

I asked for some advice about what to do as far as the soups go in the GAPS Yahoo group and on the GAPS Facebook page...I'm so glad I have somewhere to go for support! I was feeling so stressed out about the kids not doing well with the soups or the broth but I didn't want to give up and go to Full GAPS like some people were recommending. I think what will be best is to move us to Stage 3 tomorrow so that we can add in whole eggs (and other things in the coming days), then we will stay on Stage 3 for awhile. The kids are doing fantastic at eating meat, veggies, and fats. It is really just the soup-y type meals that they are not going for. I think I will just continue to offer it (along with the meat, veggies, fats) but not push it because it is causing a lot of stress for everyone and I don't want to have so much of a power struggle over food...especially when #2 doesn't understand rewards and consequences. #1 does better but is extremely stubborn and still doesn't understand rewards very well (for example, a sticker chart with a fun reward does nothing for him). I am hoping that as their taste buds change and they become less picky, they will start to accept the broth and soups better. I feel good about continuing Intro because of the fact that they are eating other foods so incredibly well. And because I am seeing such immediate improvements in #1.

#2 finally had a very small, hard bowel movement this morning. I could tell it was painful for her. I am hoping to see more this evening or tomorrow. I used some DigestZen essential oil on her tummy and she went right after (that stuff is amazing!).

5:24 pm

#1 must be having healing reactions because he is extremely grumpy this afternoon (I'm sure hungry doesn't help). He is also having a lot of hives. He hasn't had hives for awhile so I am fairly sure this is a part of healing which is exciting. #2 woke up from her nap with a dirty diaper...yay!

We ate a yummy dinner tonight. I ate two plates and am stuffed. The kids are doing so-so. I wanted to jot it down so I can remember it in the future. When I get time I will take pictures and take recipes of the things I'm making but right now that is too much effort. Here is what we ate tonight:

Butternut squash fries roasted at 400 degrees and tossed in ghee and salt
Mashed "potatoes" (cauliflower) - boiled in chicken stock, drained (and reserved), then blended with solid chicken stock, ghee, and salt
Asparagus cooked in ghee, salt, and garlic with pre-cooked, shredded chicken tossed in

Everything seriously tasted amazing. The butternut squash fries tasted better to me tonight than they ever have before. Perhaps it's because I haven't had anything sweet but they tasted so sweet and delicious. Almost caramelized. I am sure the liberal amounts of ghee added to the deliciousness! I also thought to myself as I was eating the mashed cauliflower that I would be happy to never eat real mashed potatoes again...they taste so similar! And, as always, I adore asparagus and garlic so that was tasty as well.

It is pretty amazing. Once I stopped dwelling on all of the many things we can't eat right now, I realized how much there is TO eat and all of it is delicious. And nutritious. And healing. Sure, I am kind of craving oatmeal with maple syrup, strawberries, and cinnamon...but...we will be able to eat that again eventually. But I am really amazed at all the yumminess despite the restrictions.

Tomorrow I am introducing either whole eggs or squash pancakes...I can't decide...maybe the pancakes because then the kids can take those to nursery as a snack much easier than boiled chicken and veggies which I am sure will get some strange looks. What should I introduce?