GAPS Intro Journal: Day 5

10:18 pm

Even though Sundays should be a day of rest...there is no rest for the weary in this house! Even before GAPS, Sundays were not restful. But we press on anyway.

We woke up and had soup for breakfast which again, the kids would not touch. Again I force fed #2 some and made #1 take a few bites (microscopic, of course). Then, I introduced eggs. I scrambled them with zucchini, red pepper, green onion, white onion, and ground pork. It was really yummy and both kids liked it. But, they didn't eat as much as I thought they would.

Both kids were in fairly good spirits in the morning (besides the constant whining at my legs about what we are eating) and did well at church. #1 actually fell asleep in Sacrament Meeting!! And he slept for almost two hours. We woke him up to attend the last hour of nursery, but that wasn't a good idea. When he went in, he was really grumpy and that made #2 grumpy (and if you could hear my children's cries you would really know what grumpy means...they are LOUD), so my husband ended up taking them home. They were both starving so he gave them leftover sausage and a small spoonful of honey because he didn't know what else to give them. When we got home from church, I started making dinner and they were so starving. I fed them some "muffins" I made (recipe to come soon...they are yummy!) and that helped tide them over until dinner was ready. Again, they didn't eat a fabulous dinner. Especially #2. But, I was surprised because by the end she was eating little strings of spaghetti squash which she was refusing to touch. #1 is easier because we can persuade him to take "just one more bite" and he'll do it (as long as it's not soup!). He wanted a fermented pickle and although he really should have had that on another day since we already introduced eggs today, he was screaming and screaming and there was not much we could do. So he got a pickle after he ate a good helping of his dinner. Then he begged for another one and the answer was "no way." I am curious when this pickyness and whining will end. It is getting stressful. I am holding it together okay as I tend to be on the patient side (but I definitely have my moments of "ENOUGH!!!") but my husband is having a little bit harder of a time with the whining. Hopefully they will turn a corner soon and be back to their happy selves.

#1 has got to be detoxing because he is so grumpy and he has been covered in hives all day. I feel fairly confident that he is not displaying an allergic reaction to the eggs because he has technically cleared them through NAET, he never showed allergic reactions to them on allergy tests, and he's never gotten hives when eating them prior to the diet. Eggs are a very healing food so perhaps they are causing more detoxification to take place. I will give it a few weeks and see what happens. If the hives are consistent then I may pull eggs out for a bit and see what happens but right now I am going to say it's just die off. He also hasn't had a bowel movement in a couple of days. I am hoping for one tomorrow morning. I think I will need to pull out the DigestZen again. #2 has had some splotchy patches on her torso today as well. She had a fantastic bowel movement today so that was exciting! I gave them a bath with baking soda tonight to help with the detoxification.

I am feeling really good, despite the feeling of a head cold and lack of energy. It is actually very funny...even though I am physically tired and sometimes feel weak, I have an uncanny amount of energy. Perhaps it is Heavenly Father blessing me to get through this difficult time or perhaps it is the change in diet (I did not handle grains well). But, I almost feel as if I am coming alive. The last two years has been quite difficult for me. We have dealt with a lot of things, especially concerning #1 (I have felt very alone in these difficulties), and I had pretty bad postpartum depression after I had #2 (which happened to coincide with many of the difficulties of #1). I have felt a great lack of motivation or passion for much of the past two years (I'll have little spurts of passion, which are refreshing) and I can almost feel the fog lifting. Last night, I was able to stay up till midnight because the kitchen was a wreck and I needed to make some snacks for the kids. Normally, I would have no motivation to do that and would just let it sit there. But I was somehow able to get up and clean that horrible mess (that is the worst part of cooking three + meals a day!) as well as use some creativity and make a delicious creation. I wasn't sure that it was really coming alive...but when I mentioned to my husband last night that I sort of felt that way, he told me that he could see it. He has noticed that I've had more energy...that I've been up getting meals prepared first thing in the morning instead of being barely able to get out of bed...that I've been keeping up with everything despite the challenges of moving to this diet. It was nice to hear that he recognizes a change as well. That makes this diet change even more worth already see such noticeable differences in myself. Since I am technically not supposed to do Intro while pregnant, tonight I had a snack of plain yogurt and grain-free granola (almonds, shredded coconut, cinnamon, honey, vanilla, butter) then a small muffin which I made for my husband to take to work (GAPS legal). I also had a hardboiled egg and a bite of fermented pickle. This was the first time I haven't stuck strictly to the Intro diet but I wanted to diverge a little bit because today I felt like I was having a lot of die off symptoms (joint pain, extremely tired this morning) and don't want to be having too much of that. I feel guilty not sticking completely to Intro because I am a perfectionist but I think it's probably fine :) I am definitely going to continue to largely stay away from honey or fruit (as well as the kids) because I know we all have yeast issues and I want to get that under control. I will probably keep us all at Stage 3 for a good portion of time, depending on how the kids continue to do. Although, I will say...I am kind of craving some homemade applesauce. That just sounds really good. All in due time I suppose!

Now it's off to bed. Hopefully the kids will be less grumpy tomorrow. I've already packed a snack for #1 to take to preschool...a hardboiled egg, 1/2 of a fermented pickle, and 2 squash bars (recipe to come!). I hope he'll like it all. Tomorrow he's in charge of snacks but I think I will just take the snacks (just bought some Organic crackers that resemble cheese-its...didn't want to disappoint the preschoolers you know, and if I took something healthy like carrots and apple slices, #1 would want some and wouldn't be able to have it yet) to the teacher and have her pass it out, without letting #1 know that it was his day to do snacks. Hopefully by time he is in charge of snacks next month, he'll be able to do raw veggies and some fruit and I can send something healthy in that he can enjoy along with everyone else.

(PS, I am not sure if anyone is reading these journal entries, but I am mostly posting these things so that I have a record for myself and then of course, if it is interesting or helpful to someone then fabulous. Thanks for bearing with me!)