GAPS Intro Journal: Day 6

12:44 pm

Last night the kids finally slept better! They haven't been sleeping well since we started, but #1 slept the entire night (a first in a long time) but promptly woke up at 6 am ready to be up and going! #2 slept until 8 am, which is earlier than she normally wakes up, but better than the 6:30 am wake ups since we started. She also slept all night.

#1 finally ate soup fairly well this morning. HOORAY! It was not without a lot of coaxing and ABA techniques however. I told him he could pick from the prize box (I went to Target and got a bunch of cheap toys/crayons/etc), Mario Cart, or a squash bar if he ate all of his soup. He chose the squash bars so that's what we used as an incentive. If he ate several bites (I'd keep coaxing and coaxing because they were tiny bites), then he could have a squash bar. It took a lot of whining but after the first two bars, he began to eat the soup all by himself without me saying anything. I think he ended up having four or five squash bars and ate 3/4 of his soup (not a huge portion but that is the most he's eaten since we started!). I am going to keep being consistent with soup at breakfast because I feel like maybe he is turning a corner.

#2 did NOT want soup and using the squash bar technique wasn't cutting it. Finally I just gave her a small piece of the squash bar then force fed her a bite of soup (which she hated and screamed at me). I did that for about 10 bites, hoping she'd understand that if she had a bite of soup she could get a squash bar, but it didn't sink in. I stayed positive with her and kept telling her that she was doing a great job (despite the screaming). Hopefully she'll take a liking to soup soon. After that, she ate several more squash bars doused heavily with butter. She was still super grumpy so I put her back to bed at 9:30 am and she's still sleeping.

#1 had a great day at preschool and ate his snacks really well. He didn't like my fermented pickles unfortunately, but I can't blame him. I think I let them ferment a little too long so they have a little unpleasant zing to them. I think they'll be fine mixed into an egg or chicken salad though but they're not all that tasty by themselves. When he got home, he immediately became grumpy (why oh why!) until I got some scrambled eggs cooking with sausage, green onions, red peppers, and zucchini. He ate that very well and is now watching Toy Story trying to go to sleep for a nap. I really hope he has a bowel movement soon because I am sure that will help with the detoxification. He is still covered in hives (on his torso) today. I'm planning to give both of the kids a baking soda bath when they're up from their naps to help with that detoxification process.

I have a lot to get caught up on around the house, namely laundry. And of course, the kitchen needs to be cleaned again. Hopefully I can get some things done during nap time because if the kids are grumpy, a busy mom doesn't help their attitudes. I'm planning to do meatballs served over spaghetti squash for dinner tonight. That meal has gone over well lately so I am thinking the kids will eat it. Recipe to come because it is so tasty!

Found this today and it made me feel better about Max's hives. I don't want to be giving him something he shouldn't be eating but I am thinking it must be a type of detoxification especially because he is eating A LOT of eggs. I should cut down on the amount but I don't know how when he is begging me for them (I must be a softy but when it comes to food he is so demanding that it is hard to not give him more especially when he is really hungry).

"It is a fact that the body can, and will, react to good unadulterated foods with “allergic-like”symptoms, which is exactly the same way it reacts to toxins or poisons. However, reactions to good foods are not allergic reactions, they are healing reactions. When the body receives the nutrients it needs to heal, it goes into high gear, doing its job of healing, which creates healing symptoms. The long list of healing symptoms are exactly the same as the long list of allergic reactions, i.e. increased mucus in all mucus membranes (nose, sinuses, throat, lungs, intestines, stomach, etc.), headaches, stomach upset, gas, bloating, difficulty breathing, inflammation, heart palpitations, swelling, rashes, hives, diarrhea, constipation, fever, etc.

In fact hives are a healing reaction too. It is caused by the immune system releasing histamines and other chemicals into the bloodstream to handle toxins or to affect healing. Histamines causes hives, rashes, itching, swelling, and other related symptoms. Although hives may be uncomfortable, they are generally quite harmless and disappear on their own.

Therefore, do not be alarmed if you get healing reactions from good foods like eggs, coconut oil, butter, and other good healing foods. If you get reactions that are alarming or intolerable just cut back on the amount and gradually increase it."

10:14 pm

The kids did pretty well this afternoon. They ate a snack (hardboiled egg, sour cream, and fermented pickles) which if you would have asked me a week ago if they would have eaten it, I would have said probably not. So funny how taste buds change so quickly once you take things away! They are seriously in love with the sour cream. After that, we all stuck our feet in a bath with baking soda to help the cleansing. #1 had super bad hives all afternoon. Pretty sure it's the eggs causing them but we're going to give it a few weeks to see if it really is cleansing or if it's a reaction. I hope it's not a reaction because I don't want to take eggs away.

#1 is doing so well, despite the grumpiness. He helped me twice today in the kitchen (this morning making squash bars and this evening making meatballs) and did so well. He has never been able to help before because he is out of control and cannot listen or follow directions very well. Tonight especially, he did wonderfully. He followed all of my directions and did a fantastic job helping. I couldn't believe it! He is also saying more phrases without prompting. He still mostly communicates with one word when he wants something (for example "DRINK!" and then I say, "Give me a sentence" and he says "I want a drink.") but has said some things recently that he's never said before. Tonight when my husband got home from work, he said to him "You look nice Dad." It's little phrases like that that are completely new since the diet. He had a terrible meltdown tonight. Like, one of those hour long ones where nothing I say or do will help. He finally settles down because he's so tired he falls asleep. I hate it when he has meltdowns like that but I am thinking it's just got to be part of the healing process (the same thing happened as we did NAET treatments). I am looking forward to getting to a place where his moods are more even. They have definitely been very up and down since starting this.

#2 was finally in good spirits the entire afternoon and evening! Not much screaming or crying, thank goodness! This was the first night since starting that she went to bed super quickly and easily. She ate lunch, snack, and dinner extremely well. We had "spaghetti" (spaghetti squash) and meatballs (recipe to come) which were packed with veggies, as well as asparagus on the side. I used to roast my asparagus with olive oil...and that was amazing...but seriously, tonight I used butter and it was 1,000 times better. Wow I love butter. Haven't noticed any reactions to it either so yay! Each kid probably ate 5 or 6 meatballs and a small portion of the spaghetti squash. I couldn't get #2 to try the asparagus but #1 did try one little piece. I think that will probably be a regular meal because it's pretty easy, loaded with veggies, delicious, and fairly quick to throw together. 

Tonight we visited the Mesa LDS Temple Visitor's Center for Family Home Evening and the kids did wonderfully. #1 did a great job listening (he is usually a runner) and seemed to have a longer attention span. #2 was really good to stay by me, as always (she is so refreshing). I noticed that I didn't have as much anxiety. Going out in public with #1 is always extremely challenging, so we don't do it that often. When we do, I often have anxiety about him running away and getting hurt, etc. When he is out of my sight (with my husband following along behind him), I usually have these horrible thoughts that he might get hurt, that he could have a seizure, etc. especially when they've been away a long time. Tonight, we got separated. I was with #2 and he was following #1 so I just went back to the car and waited. I noticed that I had a negative/anxious thought creep into my mind about the bad possibility of something happening, but it was strange that the thought never got to that really anxious out of control feeling stage. I guess that is one benefit for me so far of this diet. I could use a little less anxiety about #1!

Overall, today was a much better day. The kids ate better today than they have (of course, there are more options now so I am sure that helps) so that was a relief. I am still working on the soups and I expect that that battle will continue for awhile especially with #2 as she is super reluctant to try it (this morning I asked her if she was ready for some soup and in the sweetest little voice she looked at me and said "No.") Hopefully tomorrow goes even better than today!