GAPS Intro Journal: Day 7

12:54 am

Yikes! I better get to bed. Today was a so-so day. #1 slept in, so we had to rush breakfast. We did scrambled eggs with onion and lots of butter. No time for the fight over soup. Both kids ate it really well. They are loving butter and each probably ate at least 1/4 cup today. They are asking for it by the spoonful! For some reason #1 is calling it toast. Whatever kid. You wish :) They are addicted to the squash bars so I am not going to make anymore for a few days. It's causing them to only want to eat those and nothing else.  Lunch was a completely horrible fight over soup. #1 wouldn't even take a bite. Nothing could motivate him and a huge meltdown ensued. I told him that he couldn't do anymore technology (Movies, Mario Cart, etc) until he eats some soup. Well, he didn't eat any today so technology is still out. I'm going to stick to my guns because it seems like we always give in...he can be so demanding. These hour long tantrums are hard but he's got to be detoxing so maybe it's good. #2 resisted the soup as well. I wonder when they'll give in. They are eating everything else really well though. #1 FINALLY had a bowel movement. It was a miracle. Seriously. I rubbed DigestZen essential oil on his tummy, did a massage over his abdomen for several minutes, then put him in a bath with baking soda and during the bath, he said he needed to go potty so I went and sat him on the toilet and VOILA. Bowel movement. Less than 10 minutes after the tummy massage. It was pretty awesome! He went again tonight after we did another massage. YAY! Did a tummy massage on #2 tonight and hopefully that will stimulate something for tomorrow.

(Just because she's cute, here's #2 enjoying her meal). I got to go to the grocery store alone today and that was really nice. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit by myself and not have to deal with grumpy kids. I didn't enjoy the 115 degree heat...I am so sick of it and ready for some cooler weather (too bad that won't come till November!). Grocery shopping on GAPS is pretty easy...veggies, meat, and eggs is all you have to buy! I did buy some organic cream because we're out of sour cream and the kids love it. But really it's super easy and kind of nice not to worry about all the other stuff. It's funny that we used to struggle to even eat a couple of servings of vegetables a day early in our marriage and now we are eating a ton of vegetables at each meal. I love it and I am glad our kids are young so this is all they will know! #1 helped me make dinner and was so well behaved again. I am so glad to have him helping me. We ate portobello pizzas (topped with freshly made tomato sauce, green onions, turkey, and basil), had some lamb on the side, as well as roasted brussel sprouts and asparagus. Everything was delicious and surprisingly the kids loved the "pizza." They each had half of a mushroom and probably ate at least 3/4 of what they were served. It looks really similar to meat when it's cut small, so I think that helped them to not be wary of it. Even though we can't add cheese yet, it still tasted wonderfully. I introduced avocado but only #2 tried it - and she ate an entire avocado (she loves them).

I need to make more soup so we won't have the breakfast fight tomorrow but I am sure lunch will be another fight. Bring it on. Whatever ;) I am wondering how long this resistance will last?? Thank goodness they are eating everything else so well! They have even mostly stopped asking me for crackers, fruit, or juice. They must be getting over their cravings.

Oh, I veered off Intro last night and again today. Made homemade applesauce with butter and cinnamon last night and it was really good. But this morning, my tummy kind of hurt. I don't want to stray from the Intro but kind of need to since I'm expecting. Had some strawberries tonight and a fruit drink earlier in the day (was at Trader Joe's and starving and it was the only legal thing I could get but it totally did the was a mango blend). We'll see if my tummy reacts from that. So far so good. My goal is to not eat very much fruit (we don't even have it in the house) so I will need to find some other snacks.