Birth plans

With 18 days to go (give or take!) I find myself contemplating this birth. I am trying to visualize it in order to prepare myself for it.

My biggest goal is to be fully present. I want to soak it all in and cherish every moment, even if it is long.

I am planning my first waterbirth and am really excited for it. I am eager to see how it may help me to cope with the pain of labor. I'm getting my tub from Baby Deliverease, a local company that provides these wonderful birth tubs. Two of my friends have used them and absolutely loved them. The best part is that they deliver the tub two weeks before the estimated due date, so I will have a nice big tub to enjoy in these last days of pregnancy! It comes on Saturday :)

I am also planning to have my placenta encapsulated by a friend. We are going to do a little exchange - I'm going to help her learn how to feed her family real food and she's going to encapsulate my placenta. I am eager to try this placenta encapsulation because I experienced a very deep, long postpartum depression with my second child and it was really hard. Placenta encapsulation is supposed to be extremely beneficial with that, so I am excited to see if it will help keep my moods more stable and keep me from dipping into that hellish abyss again (it was not fun and I'm so glad I'm out of it).

After the birth, I am planning to take an herbal bath with the baby. I had not heard of this until very recently, but it is much like a sitz bath, only you include the newborn baby. It is supposed to be very relaxing to both mother and baby and I like that you get to enjoy the benefits of the herbs while experiencing that closeness. I also like that it mimics the womb, so it will do even more to provide a gentle transition into this world.

If all goes right, I plan to have my friend there who is a beautiful photographer. She is so talented and I am really hoping it all works out to have her at my birth. I think it'd be really lovely to have such precious moments captured.

One thing I really want is to really cherish the moments just after the birth. With each of my kids, it seems visitors came almost immediately and I didn't really get to do a lot of skin to skin bonding. This time, I would like to prolong visitors and just simply enjoy being together as a family for a time. I want to really soak up those first few hours of this new baby's life. We plan to have our children present at the birth and then hopefully, they will be able to go to a family member's house shortly afterwards so that we can have some alone time with the baby.

All in all, I truly don't have a lot of expectations for this birth. As always, I desire a safe, gentle birth where I can come away feeling empowered and improved. I wish for myself confidence, courage, strength, and patience. I am eager to meet this little one and cannot wait to hold him or her in my arms.