Breech baby

I went in last night to my midwife for my weekly appointment and we were all surprised to learn that this baby has decided to turn BREECH! Baby's heartbeat looks fantastic but position does not. WHY?? Last week, this baby was really nicely head down. I admit, I am panicking a little. I am trying to think positive thoughts and encourage this baby to move into a nice birthing position. We tried to encourage the baby to turn at the midwife's office and she had her chiropractor who was also there doing visits do some stretching on me to help open my uterus and relax it so the baby could move. Then, I came home with some homework. I need to hang upside down off the couch (like the picture) as often as I can. I can also do other things like put something cold at the top of my uterus, or play music or shine a flash light far down around my pelvis. These things will encourage the baby to turn. Travis put myrrh essential oil all over my belly last night, as that is supposed to encourage breech babies to turn too. We will continue to do everything to get this baby to turn! I am going to go in this afternoon to check baby's position...and hopefully it'll be head down already. I woke in the middle of the night worrying (well #1 woke up which woke me up which allowed my brain to turn on) but did some things to bring my hips above my heart and encourage the baby to move. I felt hiccups really low down on my right side and some in the very low center of my tummy, so I am hoping that is a good sign (my midwife says it is). No wonder I have had this hard little bump in my ribs the last few was the baby's head! I guess life always has to stay interesting right? Not like it wasn't already interesting before this...

#1 thinks it's pretty fun when mommy does this and likes to climb all over me :)

Positive birthing vibes please!!

(Don't mind the grease stains on my shirt...I think I am in the kitchen a little too much...I need to remember to wear my apron more!)