Exciting Finds

I am attempting to meal plan because with this new diet, we are using so much food and it could be really easy to let the grocery expenses veer out of control. So, in an attempt to be as frugal as possible, I planned out breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next week.

Today, I went shopping to stock up on everything I'd need and was pleasantly surprised when I got to Costco to find new eggs available!

I'll tell you why I'm so excited. Because of our situation right now, I am not able to buy eggs from a local source. I know that's the best choice but the next best choice is to buy organic eggs from the store. I have been buying some organic eggs from Costco for $4.99 for 18 but I wasn't positive that they were the "best" choice. Today, however I noticed a new brand of eggs - Kirkland Signature. They are organic, cage free, no antibiotics/hormones, and certified humanely raised. They're large, grade AA, and come in a recyclable container. The package is 24 eggs for $5.99 at my local Costco which makes them 25 cents per egg.

I was really happy to see these because they're a better price than the eggs I've been buying and because I liked that the sign said that they were certified humanely raised (now I need to check into that). That find today was a big blessing to us considering how many eggs we're going through right now. I can't bring myself to buy conventional eggs, so I have been getting the best ones I could find. Now I am happy to have (I think) an even better option available to me. Thanks Costco!

According to eatwild.com, this is why you'd be better off buying organic/pasture based items: The Healthiest Choice. When you choose to eat meat, eggs, and dairy products from animals raised on pasture, you are improving the welfare of the animals, helping to put an end to environmental degradation, helping small-scale ranchers and farmers make a living from the land, helping to sustain rural communities, and giving your family the healthiest possible food. It’s a win-win-win-win situation.

Another find for locals: Sprout's has their Humboldt Family Creamery butter on sale for $3.99/pound. It is organic and the package says that it's pasture based. It comes from California so it's fairly local. I've been looking into it and from what I can find, it does seem to truly be grassfed. This is the best price I've seen it at for over a year (it is usually on sale for $4.99) so go stock up! My Sprout's was sold out, so I got a rain check in order to stock up on it later. 

Are you good at meal planning consistently? What are your tricks? Does it help you save money? I am betting it will help us save and I am excited about that!