GAPS Intro: Day 9

12:45 pm

Well today is going a little better. We didn't have as much of a fight over breakfast and #1 actually asked for eggs (still didn't have enough emotional capability to try soup again). He ate the leftover frittata very well along with a small bit of sour cream. #2 also did great on breakfast. What has been hard this week was the after-preschool meltdowns. He'd come home and just whine and scream at me and beg and it was hard. Today, I tried to kind of stave off the fight by having squash fries already baking when he got home so I could give him some prep of what was to come. He got a small helping of yogurt while he waited and ate some leftover lamb chop with butter. He loved the fries and ate a few plates. It helped that I had Enya playing in the background :) I was trying to make it as calm as possible! It worked and we were able to avoid a meltdown...thank goodness! My husband is home so we have been trying to give him a lot of extra attention. That is helping as well. And, no technology (I think it overstimulates him and makes him worse when he's had too much screen time). He had a great bowel movement this morning and hasn't had many hives today. #2 is doing really well. She is really happy (still also resisting soups but eating everything else really well). Her bowels are also doing great.

Tonight I am going to do soup again for dinner and there will be nothing else to choose from! I am sure there will be a huge fight but I've got to find a way to get that stock in them because it is so healing. I am at least feeling rejuvenated enough to try (I had to take a day or two break to keep my sanity intact).

6:57 pm

Kids in bed at 6:30? Yes please! And I did it all by myself while the hubby's at the gym. Nice.

Since #1 didn't nap today I was really worried we'd have a huge meltdown like yesterday. LUCKILY, we made it through the whole day without any meltdowns! The whining was even minimized!! I don't know if I am getting desensitized to it (jk) or if he really did whine less or if I just did a better job at avoiding those possible times of setting him off, but it was a lot better today. Maybe he's beginning to come out of the detox period a little bit. #2 is doing fabulous. She is totally back to her normal self. She took a super long nap today (not extremely out of the ordinary) which was nice. She's happy and not whiny (unless she's copying her big brother). Soup tonight did NOT go over well at all. Nothing I could say or do would make the kids eat it. No prizes, no rewards, no nothing. I seriously don't know how on earth to get soup (let alone broth...haven't even crossed that bridge yet) down these kids. I told them that if they weren't going to eat their soup for dinner tonight, then that is what we're having for breakfast (they are too young to get that but they'll see tomorrow morning when the only choice they have is soup). That is seriously my only obstacle in this whole GAPS Intro journey. SOUP. How in the heck do I get it down them? Any advice? It's not even like it's digusting stuff. It tastes so wonderful that I don't mind eating it three meals a day, even though it's hotter than you-know-where outside. I really think that I probably have the most stubborn kids (especially #1) on the face of this earth. Advice would be much appreciated (although I feel like I have already tried everything...we are 9 days in for heaven's sake!).

Wish me luck on soup for breakfast tomorrow...ay yi yi.

I was just going through pictures of our recent vacation to Idaho and Washington and noticed how dark #1's eyes look in this picture. It is absolutely amazing because his eyes are noticeable lighter since beginning GAPS. It is crazy to literally watch his allergy rings go away. SO neat! I will try to take a picture soon to see if there is a noticeable difference in pictures. My husband said he was noticing today how much lighter his eyes looked!