GAPS Intro: Days 10 & 11

8:46 am

#1 woke up bright and early this morning...around 5:20 am. But, he slept ALL  night! 11 hours. He's been sitting at the table since 6:30 with his leftover soup (on a plate, mind you, so it doesn't even look like soup because I strained a lot of the liquid) and hasn't touched it. Refuses to touch it! He's got to be starving. I know I woke up starving and I even ate snacks (GAPS legal of course) after the kids went to bed last night. Like I said, the most stubborn child on the face of this planet. There is a difference in him, however, that I'm noticing: last night and today's soup escapades are not triggering an hour-long, inconsolable meltdown. He is still being reasonable and it's not putting him over the edge, even though he's resisting it. That is definitely an improvement.

#2 is still sleeping. Hopefully she will be so hungry when she wakes up that she won't balk at the "soup" ie chicken. I don't know how much longer I can push this soup when they just aren't taking it.

9:17 am (next morning)

The day went pretty well yesterday. #1 did have a big meltdown in the middle of the afternoon. It was right after I gave him 2 squash pancakes (introducing nut butter). I wasn't sure if the behavior was coincidental or not, as he was really tired, so I decided to try two more today and see if there was another reaction. Today, right after eating the pancakes he got horrible hives. I am going to pull the pancakes out for a week or so, then introduce them again and see if I see any reactions. He hasn't been having hives anymore so I am thinking it could be a reaction vs. die off. #2 ate two pancakes yesterday too and had some loose stool later in the day, so I am thinking she didn't tolerate them either. I had two and did just fine with them. The kids ate dinner well (mashed cauliflower, meatballs, and squash fries). They both love the squash fries and ate almost an entire butternut squash between the two of them. Even though we had a big meltdown in the middle of the day yesterday, #1's behavior has been slowly improving.

I did a lot of reflecting, praying, and contemplating yesterday about what to do about the soups/broths issue. What came to mind is how many regrets I have with raising #1...specifically being hard headed about certain things and engaging in power struggles just because that was the way everyone was telling me to do things. For example, having him cry it out when he was 4 months old because everyone said "He needs to learn to soothe himself" or "He's old enough" when it didn't feel right to me, yet I did it anyways. I am usually good at listening to my intuition but as a parent it is easy to listen to others too much, and listen to yourself too little. I decided that this soup thing is simply a power struggle and I don't want to look back and regret engaging in it. I don't want our kids to have negative emotions attached with food. There is already so much struggle with food anyways - being so limited and restricted...I don't want to add to his stress at all if I can help it. I will keep trying with the soup but am going to do my best to be relaxed about it and realize that if they eat it, great and if they don't, they will still be able to have healing take place. I am going to put broth in as much as I can to try to get it down them other ways. I am really proud of both kids. They are doing exceptionally well with all of these food changes and are for the most part, eating everything I give them without much complaint now. I still have to hide vegetables somewhat but the important thing is that they're eating them and actually liking it. I'm grateful that they have adapted so well, even though it's been a little bit stressful getting here.

I'm beginning to feel like I'm in a groove with this diet. At first, having to constantly prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks was a chore. It was hard not to be able to reach for a piece of fruit or some gluten free crackers when the kids were hungry. Although I already cooked a ton, I wasn't used to having to cook everything (we are not on any raw food yet at all). I'm finding a good groove and it now feels somewhat habitual. I am sure it will get even better as we can gradually introduce new foods.

This morning we had egg fritattas again for breakfast. They were really yummy. I am out of eggs and butter (we went through 3 pounds in a week and I don't even know how many eggs we used...a lot) so I need to go replenish our supply today. The kids' snack of choice has been hardboiled eggs and a small cup of yogurt or sour cream. #1 is even enjoying the fermented pickles now, even though they're too zingy for my tastes. I did eat saurkraut this morning and it was pretty good with the eggs. It is fun getting used to new things.

Now that we're introducing things more slowly (seemingly stuck on Stage 3 for a bit) I will probably update a couple of days at a time and post them at once. I really want to keep a journal of this and this seems to be an easy way for me to do it.

If I ever get some time to think non-GAPS related, I do have some birthy posts on my mind. I am already 34 weeks along and can't believe this little one will be arriving so soon. I need more time!