GAPS Intro Journal: Day 18

*Just for fun, to add some variety to all of these photo-less is a picture of my hubby and I about a month ago in the beautiful mountains of Idaho, where we biked the 17 mile Hiawatha trail.*

Day 18

We are getting the hang of things. Today, I made some pancakes and fried eggs and seriously - I think the kids thought they were in HEAVEN. I simply took my squash bar recipe and modified it a bit (will post the pancake recipe soon). They tasted delicious! The kids ate the entire batch and I didn't mind one bit because they are basically just eggs and squash. We went to our nephew's baptism this morning and unfortunately, had a horrible meltdown from #1 right when we got to their house. It was really, really bad. Not an unusual meltdown, just bad that it was in public. Our family has never seen #1 act that way (even though it happens all the time at home) so it was a bit shocking for them I think. It was really embarrassing and stressful for me, because when those meltdowns happen, there is absolutely nothing on earth that can calm him down or stop it. You kind of just have to ride it out and wait until it's over. And, unfortunately, they are very long, very intense, and very loud. I wanted to cry and fought back the tears. Eventually he calmed down and got over it (it started because he wanted the entire plate of pancakes I brought for us, but they were to split between all three of us - I didn't end up eating any so the kids could have more). Besides that meltdown, the outing was fine food-wise. I brought those pancakes, an individual serving of squash bars as a surprise for each kid, a hard boiled egg, a leftover turkey drumstick, and sour cream. #2 ate very well and once #1 calmed down, he ate well too. I had some fruit and a couple of eggs. I was worried that the kids would want the fruit, bread, juice boxes, etc. that were there but luckily (perhaps it was a blessing?) due to the meltdown, we were in a completely different room than the food was in. It was good that they didn't see the fruit because I was worried about them begging for it. #2 actually did see my strawberries and really freaked out but I was able to distract her by letting her play with my chapstick and it was fine.

I am planning a post on this subject soon, but reading this post was so interesting. It has taken a big paradigm shift for me over the years to realize that wheat and other grains are really not all that good for our bodies, but I am realizing it now more than ever. I can't believe how much better I feel. Really. I used to be so addicted to wheat and other grains. Like, I couldn't not partake...even when I knew they were unhealthy. Sure, the knowledge that white flour/trans fats/sugar, etc. are not good for the body helped a bit, but still, put me in a room with a bunch of cake and donuts and there would be no way I could say no. Then, once I had one, there was no way I couldn't have another...and another...and another. But today, there were donuts and some yummy pound cake and I wasn't tempted at all. That is probably the first time that's ever happened to me. I could honestly take it or leave is no longer an addiction...a need that I have to fulfill. That's a very big thing for me and something that is almost crazy to grasp.

I am really happy we are doing this diet. It was a big leap of faith to start it. I have toyed with the idea of doing GAPS for over a year and kept saying "No, it's too hard." And you is hard. It is really hard - but I don't think it would be so hard if I was doing it without children involved...if it was just me, it'd be nowhere near as challenging. But it is pretty amazing to see such a difference in myself after only 18 days of strictly being on the diet (I am on the Full diet now but the kids are on Intro still). And to already see such a difference in my kids, especially #1. Yes we are still in the thick of the mood swings and I pray that changes soon, but both of their bowels are doing so much better. #1 hasn't had any hives the last few days, and his speech is improving. He is even more affectionate. Affection from him is still rare but it has happened more and more to the point where I am seeing a definite improvement. They are even both sleeping better for the most part. I am just glad for these little improvements I am seeing because they keep me going despite the difficulties we encounter on a daily basis. I feel so good I want to shout from the rooftops how big of an impact diet can have. It is really, truly astounding.

We are off tonight to the grandparent's house. I've got to take my crockpot of yogurt along with me because I'll be right in the middle of making it while we're there. I'm also taking my own stuff to cook dinner with. Tonight it'll be lamb chops, squash fries, and mashed cauliflower. Yes, yes...lots of variety here ;) But hey, it's what the kids will eat so it works and luckily it's delicious. Thanks for following along on this journey...I really appreciate the support.