GAPS Intro Journal: Days 15, 16, & 17

Day 15

AH! How long is the picky stage going to last? I feel like almost every meal is a battle. Not really a battle, but it seems like the kids are still really picky. #2 is totally rejecting eggs scrambled with veggies. She wants them plain but I am going to keep adding veggies. Both of them are hit and miss with dinners. They always eat the meat really well but if it's got a mixture of veggies added in, which it most always does, they are so picky. The only foods they are consistently good at eating every time I give it to them are hardboiled eggs, sour cream, and squash bars. I am kind of sick of the wasted food on their plates!

Okay enough complaining. Today was better. No major meltdowns from #1. He tried but I kept distracting him. Both kids had fairly loose stools today so I am pretty sure nuts are going to be out for a bit. They had a bigger serving of nut butter pancakes yesterday so I am thinking that has to be what caused it. #2 was really whiny all day long so that was kind of hard. We had our first dinner guests over tonight while on GAPS and I was pretty nervous! I made Fideo and it pleased. It is so yummy so I hoped they'd like it and I think they genuinely did. I served it with optional toppings of diced avocado, extra cilantro, and lacto-fermented salsa (I didn't tell them it was lacto-fermented...hopefully it tasted okay to them!). I thought about offering cheese or corn chips on the side but since the kids wouldn't understand that they can't eat those things (especially #2), I didn't. I didn't want to have a big meltdown in front of our friends. Neither kid ate any part of their dinner :(

I am wondering if we can move past Stage 3 and just continue to skip the nuts. I'll have to see if we can move onto Stage 4 or not. I don't *mind* hanging out on Stage 3 but it would be nice to add a little more variety if possible.

Day 16

Really hard day today. #1 was really grumpy with a lot of meltdowns. I had to finally just take the kids on a drive in order to get out of the house and think. They ate really well today, especially at dinner. #1 didn't want to touch his cauliflower but instead decided to eat his cooked carrots - yay! I don't care what vegetables he eats as long as he eats them. The kids devoured the squash fries like they always do. #1 is just really moody. Like mood swings. Sometimes he's so happy and then he flips and I've got an hour long meltdown on my hands. Trying to figure it out. Started with just ghee today but he did have yogurt and sour cream. I might have to pull the dairy altogether but we'll give it a few more days with just ghee and see how he does. #1's stool today was fabulous. The best I have seen ever, probably. #2 on the other hand had loose stool again today, but I know why. Daddy gave her pecans before dinner last night because she was super grumpy (hungry) and that was the only quick choice. So nuts are definitely out for now, for both kids. I think we'll move onto Stage 4 tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a better day, mood wise, and the kids will hopefully eat the breakfast casserole I just prepared. I am feeling worn out. Not by the diet but by the difficulty of doing it with small kids.

Day 17

Breakfast went so-so this morning. #1 had sour cream and cinnamon but didn't want to touch his breakfast casserole (eggs, veggies, and sausage cooked in the crockpot). Finally, I tempted him with Mario Cart and he ended up eating about half of the eggs happily in between races. Yay! #2 ate a few eggs but just kind of picked at it. But the happiest thing...both kids ate lunch amazingly well!!! I seriously feel revived. #1 has balked at avocados, so I haven't been able to introduce him yet to them but today I succeeded. He likes guacamole, so I mashed up some avocado with a bit of garlic, salt, and a small bit of lactofermented salsa (which is legal because all the veggies in it were roasted...there is a bit of lime juice which may not be legal but I only used a tiny bit). He LOVED it and I wish I would have had more than half an avocado to give him. He also ate a good bowl of yogurt (with cinnamon and vanilla), some lactofermented pickle, and leftover shredded pork dipped in the guacamole. Oh and a boiled egg. Woohoo! #2 ate leftover mashed cauliflower, yogurt, a boiled egg, and shredded pork. I am happy that I found a way to get #1 to eat avocados...guacamole is probably going to become a lunch time/snack staple if it gets him to eat his food better. Plus it's so nourishing (like every single food is on this diet). I'm expecting dinner to go well tonight because I'm cooking something they like. We'll see. So far we haven't had any meltdowns really from #1, but it's only 12:41 pm so there's a lot of time left in the day for tantrums. I'm praying we don't have a big one because I'm feeling pretty happy right now and that always ruins my day.

WOW. We have not yet had an after-nap meltdown. #1 got up happily, we went outside for a bit because it's finally slightly cool enough, then he decided he needed a snack. Since snacks are hard to come by and I didn't have anything else, the kids ate another bowl of yogurt. Surprisingly, there was no fight over wanting another bowl and #1 is now happily, quietly playing by himself on his own free will...quite seriously amazing. I am dumbfounded. #2 is sitting at the table asking for fries :) They love squash fries. Maybe we are seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel?

Dinner went well tonight. The kids loved the chicken drumsticks. They didn't try the stuffed peppers, but I didn't have high hopes that they would. I served them leftover breakfast casserole as a side dish and #1 ate about half of it but #2 didn't touch it. #1 has been a different boy today...and I am so happy to have such a positive change in mood for him! He has been a delight all day and is talking so well. A big difference I see today is that he's answering "yes." I asked him this morning if he had taken a bite of eggs and he said something I've never heard before..."Yes, I ate some eggs." I was astounded. He is really doing great and those improvements keep me motivated.