GAPS Intro Journal: Days 19 and 20

Day 19

Today was a GOOD day!! I think it was our first day with no mood swings from #1. YAY! He even went the entire day without a nap and we didn't have an after church meltdown like we'd normally have if he didn't nap. Both kids ate well. They had squash pancakes and yogurt for breakfast, snacks at church, and ate a pretty good dinner tonight. #1 even willingly ate his broccoli. I didn't even ask him to! I couldn't believe my eyes. That's the first vegetable, besides squash, that he has willingly eaten and not put up a fight. Oh wait, he did eat carrots.'s the second.

I haven't felt the best today. I am tired and have been having some joint pain in my left arm (wrist, elbow, and shoulder). Not too bad but enough to make me want to nap. I'm feeling better tonight. It was cool enough outside that we even went on our first family walk before the kids went to bed. #1 listened so well! He walked the whole time and had a blast being able to run free. He would stop when I asked him to and was a joy to have with us. #2 was super tired so before she left she was screaming (she has one cry and that is a scream) but calmed down in the stroller. I think we were all just happy to get out of the house. That is one of our favorite things to do as a family so we are REALLY looking forward to cooler weather so we can take our hour long walks together. It'll be perfect timing for when the baby is born! By the way, I'm now over 35 weeks...ahhh! I'm not ready for #3 to arrive and have a lot of anxiety about this diet. I'm really not sure how I'm going to keep up in the days and weeks following the birth, but hopefully I can do a lot of prep beforehand to make it manageable. Hopefully we'll be further along in Intro (or even moving out of it) by the time the baby comes, which will add a little more variety to the diet (like raw veggies or fruit for snacks).

Day 20

Today was also a good day! Both kids ate well (except for dinner of course because they are afraid of veggies) and their behaviors were good. #1 had a short meltdown but was able to recover from it more quickly than before. I can't believe how well he is talking! It's nothing miraculous but the fact that we are holding small conversations is incredible to me. He's also being more imaginative. Tonight he had his army guys on his bed and said something to the effect of "Night night army guys. See you later." I don't usually hear that many words come out at one time, especially to a toy. He is also more interested in drawing and has the ability to sit long enough to draw a fair amount on a piece of paper. He is working on drawing circles in preschool right now and completely surprised me tonight when he drew several circles. I was such a proud mommy! It is so fun to see him learn new things.

I added carrot juice for the first time today and completely surprised myself by really enjoying it! My taste buds must be changing. I admit mentally I was a little afraid of carrot juice. I added a dash of cinnamon, a splash of vanilla, and some plain yogurt to it and it was incredible. #2 adored it and had quite a bit. #1 was too afraid to try it. We'll give it a go tomorrow. I'm not really sure how long we'll stay on Stage 4 but probably for at least another week or more. I am not in a huge rush to move to Stage 5 but it would be nice to have some raw veggies. I am definitely not in a hurry to introduce fruit. The kids are doing fine without it and so am I. I have had a few pieces here and there but in general I am doing okay without it in the house. I want to be sure to take it slow with the fruits (and nuts) to make sure that we can get some good healing in the gut before adding them in. I wonder how long it'll be before the kids can tolerate nuts? It's funny because before this diet I had no idea nuts were affecting them. I suspected almonds were difficult for #2 to digest but I wasn't really sure. I didn't know they were hard for #1 to digest at all! That is the nice thing about this diet. Doing the Intro allows you to see fairly easily which foods you are tolerating and which foods you aren't. Sometimes it is definitely a guessing game (like for us with the sour cream and yogurt...I am thinking they are fine), but with the nuts it was so easy because before introducing them, the kids bowel movements were fine, and then after eating them, their bowel movements were very loose. Their bowels are back to normal now since it's been almost a week since they had any nuts. Perhaps I will try nuts again in a few weeks and see how they do.