GAPS Intro Journal: Days 21-27

Things are slowing down a bit around here since I am not adding in new foods as much. I switched from ghee to butter and noticed that #1 started having more meltdowns. He had been doing really well for several days, then after I gave him butter, he began to be a lot more defiant and was melting down more. I wasn't sure if it was the butter or not, but I decided to take it out again and return to ghee. Since doing that, he's doing better and his moods seem more stable. To test it, I am going to add butter again in a few days and see if the defiance/meltdowns return.

#1 started sneaking soaked, dehydrated almonds out of the freezer and I noticed that he didn't have a reaction to them, so that is exciting! He isn't technically supposed to have whole almonds yet but this little guy has so little in his life that he can control right now, that I can't bear to tell him there's one more thing he can't eat. Since he hasn't shown any reactions, I have been allowing him a small handful when he asks (usually once every few days). I gave him nutbutter pancakes again, this time made with soaked, dehydrated almonds and he tolerated them fine as well. No hives and no loose stool. #2 on the other hand was a completely different story! Almost immediately she had a huge red patch on her lower back, then over the course of the day she had 3 loose stools. That was two days ago and her skin is still really sensitive and broken out. So she definitely cannot have nuts (almonds and pecans are what we've tried so far). That is a bummer but luckily I came up with another pancake recipe that is filling and easier to make than the squash pancakes (they hold together like the nutbutter pancakes). I use the leftover carrot pulp from juicing and then add 8-10 eggs, some yogurt, ghee, cinnamon, and cloves. They are good and the kids really like them. I like that they're easier to make and I can use something that otherwise could be wasted.

So far I am not having any reactions to food that I can notice, so I am happy about that. I'm still feeling really good and have just reached 36 weeks of pregnancy! I can't believe I'm in the final stretch. I have started doubling meals and freezing them, so I am beginning to have a bit of a stock pile in our freezer which eases my mind a bit. I spend so much time in the kitchen right now and it takes a lot of energy, so I know it will be hard to keep up after a brand new baby is added to the mix. Hopefully my preparations will pay off.

We are still plugging away at the diet and are now starting Stage 5 today by adding some raw food - a salad and cucumbers tonight...I can't wait! It is funny that this is taking so much longer than I thought (the Intro portion of the diet). I knew we should take it slowly but in my mind I figured we would be over it in a few weeks and moving on to the Full diet. I am not seeing being done with Intro any time soon and that is actually really okay with me. In some ways I am eager to move onto the Full diet so as to expand our options (like, being able to make some almond or coconut flour muffins for snacks or serve beans for dinner) but I am also really okay with where we're at, especially since the kids and I are doing so well. They are still not eating soup or broth but I know healing is still taking place so I am trying not to worry about that. Instead I am trying to cook with broth when I can so they still get some in. They are being really picky about vegetables still (besides squash) so I am hoping that adding raw veggies will help. #1 likes carrot sticks and other raw veggies, so hopefully this will help them eat more veggies. I am mentally hoping to be moving closer towards the Full diet about the time the baby is born - so hopefully in a month. I don't know when #2 will tolerate almonds though and perhaps she won't be able to tolerate coconut either so maybe muffins or pizza aren't even in her near future...we will see I guess!