GAPS Intro Journal: Days 28-33

It seems crazy that we've been on GAPS now for over a month! It is starting to feel much more routine. The kids are doing SO well. Especially #1. He has his moments still, but lately, he has been much much better with his tantrums. He is also holding conversations with us!! It still seems so crazy to me to ask him a question and hear him answer "Ya" or "Yes." Or, have him give me a full answer that actually applies to what I asked him. It is really amazing. I introduced kefir and the kids did well with it, but it kind of constipated #2 which I have heard is common. I also introduced homemade cooked applesauce. #2 did fine but #1 had a loose bowel movement after. I'm going to try it again in a few days and see if it happens again. It was heavenly - we all loved the taste! The kids are still being fairly picky with vegetables. It's so annoying! I don't know how to get it to change other than to just keep putting them on their plates. Luckily, I can bribe #1 to at least try some (if he is in the right mood). #2 is too little to bribe so the same tactics don't work for her. Luckily they love squash and I can sneak veggies into a lot of the things they eat. Overall, everything is going well. We are not doing Intro perfectly I'm sure but I feel happy with where we're at and with the fact that we have seen such improvements already. I feel great and that keeps me going and dedicated.