Meal plan - September 19th

So, I am joining a weekly meal planning was supposed to start next week but we are starting early. I have been doing meal planning for exactly 2 weeks! Haha. It has been so successful though and I really want to stick with it. I know I've saved money and haven't wasted any food. The best part is - meals are not stressful! I have a plan and it's so much easier not to stress about what I'm going to be making.

So, each Monday I'll post my menu plan and links to recipes, if available.

(I plan Tuesday to Monday and go shopping every Monday but today I'll include Monday's meal. I also only plan out breakfast and dinner. For lunch we either eat leftovers or random things from the fridge. I've been cooking breakfast in batches so I have less to do in the morning, so some days of the week, we eat leftovers in addition to yogurt and fresh carrot juice.)

Here we go! 

Breakfast: Leftover frittata/Sour cream/Carrot pancakes
Dinner: Tandouri Lamb burgers with Yogurt dressing/Cucumber Lettuce salad

Breakfast: Egg quiche (similar to her idea using muffin tins)
Dinner: BBQ Pulled pork/Cucumber Lettuce salad

Breakfast: Leftover egg quiche

Breakfast: Fried eggs/Homemade sausages
Dinner: Meatloaf/Squash fries/Cucumber Lettuce salad

Breakfast: Carrot pancakes/Yogurt
Dinner: Chicken fajitas in lettuce wraps

Breakfast: Fried eggs/Leftover sausages

Breakfast: Veggie frittata
Dinner: Honey glazed chicken drumsticks/Sauteed spinach, onions, and garlic

Breakfast: Leftover frittata
Dinner: Garlic chicken/Roasted brussel sprouts and carrots/Kale chips