Meal Plan - September 27th

Here is this week's meal plan. I tried to keep it fairly simple and familiar because I am running low on energy. I am also feeling a bit burned out with cooking. I am sick of cleaning the kitchen and spending all of my time there (even though I do love it and it is therapeutic). I copied a lot from my previous week's meal plans so it is familiar and will be easy to put together. I like to double breakfast on a few days so that we can do leftovers. My hubby leaves really early for work and #1 wakes up with him at the crack of dawn, so I am usually groggy and don't feel like getting up immediately (but I do anyways). It is nice to have a few days where I can just pull breakfast out quickly, especially since #1 wakes up rather hungry. I've also been doubling most of my dinner meals so that I can stick one in the freezer. I know that will be SO helpful for when this baby comes! I've already got 10 meals frozen and that makes me realllly happy.

Breakfast: Egg muffin quiche
Dinner: Asian chicken lettuce wraps (a la PF Chang's, modified for GAPS...this will be an experiment!)

Breakfast: Leftover quiche
Dinner: GAPS Fideo

Breakfast: Fried eggs/Yogurt
Dinner: BBQ Pulled pork over veggie salad

Breakfast: Pancakes/Yogurt (not sure which kind of pancakes yet, but grain/nut free...probably squash)
Dinner: Pork Carnitas/Stuffed Peppers

Breakfast: Baked Apples (#1 is not tolerating apples so I may change this?)/Yogurt/Fried eggs
Dinner: Roasted chicken drumsticks/squash fries/salad

Breakfast: Pork & Veggie Frittata
Dinner: Meatballs over spaghetti squash/salad

Breakfast: Leftover Frittata
Dinner: Garlic chicken/butternut squash pudding/zucchini latkes